Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Be Brave

Say it.
Do it.
Be it:

Don't wait for the safe moment; it's never coming.
The future will not afford you an opportunity to be more secure, more calm and grounded:
now is the jumping point!

Take your soul for a flight over your fears and live the pieces of life you are avoiding...

That place in your heart that quakes at the thought of breaking out and doing new things?

It secretly wants to stop winning over your sense of adventure.
Somewhere inside of its fluttering heart, your fear wishes desperately to be proven wrong, that death isn't waiting in a car up the street
that the woods offer more than dark and deep dangers...

that a friendship can endure your human-ness and grow stronger for it

that your heart and soul are ten times more powerful than you ever imagined:

I promise they are.

Your strength is bolstered by your more delicate side,
your femininity cradled by your masculinity..

Just take a baby step:

dust off your knees
try again
fail again

wonder at the richness and supreme beauty of this world we live in, and seek out more and more of those things that feed your better parts.

Your fear thinks it might be time to go on that diet it's been thinking about since last summer...

The Brave Clutch will be in the Leather Shop later this afternoon

Real Arizona turquoise set in fine and sterling silvers
stitched by hand into a finely tooled 12X5 clutch

hawk wings
old timey swing clasp
purple suede lining, pinked for a bit of sweetness
riveted for a bit of badass

Made with more love than you can even imagine.



The Noisy Plume: said...

Love you.

MrsLittleJeans said...

This makes my heart pitter brave she says with a smile! xoxo

Sybil Ann said...

Dear merciful heavens. Wow.

My verification word it "stole" cause it done got my heart (as do your words).

sylvestris said...

Beautiful work, in leather and writing both.


Anonymous said...


love and light

Corinna said...

YOU are epic!

DalaHorse said...

Allison.....That pure passionberry...and the clutch....looks like it might just take are constantly amazing me with you creative venues! Sue♥

resolute twig said...

LOVE this.
Post and bag.
Absolutely amazing :)

Clare said...

These words couldn't have come to me at a better time.
And what a clutch! That leather work - holy moly...

susie said...

Thanks, I needed that:)

Beautiful. I'm really loving the engraving work as well, it seems to marry so well with your leather work. Wishing you a wonderful day.

WillowMetals said...

It is beautiful and gone already... :( Sad face for me, :) Smile for you ;) That was quick, lol!! Lovely Allison!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering aimlessly trying to figure life out. your words are touching and inspiring. A help for that first baby step.

thank you