Thursday, January 20, 2011

Orphan, etc!

Yesterday a beautiful cowgirl asked if I would ever show pictures of the finished pieces of orphan rings:

even though this ring is not finished and the pickle pot will eat off this oxide anon, I went ahead to show exactly what it looks like finished:

isn't it something else?
Ah!!! I am in love!!

Heading to the Metal Shop after this to list her.

And this beautiful bee buckle is buzzing into the Leather Shop as well!!!

Thank you for writing to me, ladies!! :)

One last thing: this stunning, stunning turquoise ring. The quality of the mineral is quite amazing, but there is an issue with the piece:

most turquoise is 'backed' with some sort of hardened resin paste to strengthen it enough to be cabbed: before I did lapidary I didn't understand, but I do now: turquoise is a rather fragile stone, prone to chipping and breaking when ground and polished.

Most turquoise, for this reason, is stabilized before it is worked.
This particular piece of turquoise was backed, and as I set it, the backing began to crumble.
Thank goodness, the turquoise did not. It's solid as a rock, stabilized and supreme.

The stone is tucked in tight as a tick, but the bezel has a few small dents, nearly imperceptible to the scanning eye, but for me, it's perfect or it's not sold.

This ring will be offered at a very discounted price: it would normally be in the low 200s with a stone like this, a silver weight like it has... (oh, silver.... why have you doubled in price???)
but I will be offering it to the first convo for far less.

It is a size 7.75, and it is a show stopper.

Asymmetrical band, careful silverwork....
rhodochrosite baby on board....


A small note regarding the next few days: I have friends coming in from out of town:
Matt, Irene and Ian
and Phil the Bass Machine

we will make music and food, preparing for the gig of wonder in Redlands mid-February.

Want to know more about the location and details?
click HERE

I'll respond to any emergency convos and try my best to stay on top of everything, but chances are I'll be back to you on Monday!!!



Anonymous said...

Both of those are so gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend with your friends. I have baked some molasses cookies; wish I could send you some to eat with your tea.

genie marie said...

Please come to Seattle and teach me how to work with leather ok?
(I'm soooo not joking...your work is beautiful!)

Cat said...

Dear lady-in-the-know,

What tool did you use on the bee's sweet, wee body? It looks exactly like what I need on my flower petals!

love LOVE adore what you're doing!

Still Lily said...

Oh my, I missed out! This ring is amazing!! Turquoise is one of my very fav stones...boohoo, but I am sure a lovely lady will take good care. Enjoy your weekend!