Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spread North the Wings

Open the blinds and let in the sun

For the world is full of puppies

And puppy LOVE...

Spectacular human beings to admire and adore

And candlelight to warm the evening chill.

New cities abound with sweet things, like well-behaved thrift store dogs
in chairs of yellow velvet (o, the wanting!)

Buildings painted the color of peace...

gigantic plastic salvation discounted to $200.00

And at least enough sugar to power your children for a year!

Beauty abounds out there:

take a risk
get lost
and find a few pieces of paradise
this week....

A thought that formed in my mind whose merit I wish to expand on in the coming days:

"If you are constantly worrying about having 'enough', how will you let Spirit show you how it can provide for you?"

I hope your weekend was as gorgeous as you are.



lulu said...

the tarmac is calling... unfortunately I can't flee yet.
Soon, I hope.

happy and safe travels to you!

Illustratornette said...

Good for the food for thought, especially relevant to me since I am struggling with unemployment and educational loans. Thanks for your inspirational fire.

Cat said...

Your photos and words have brought such a lovely breath to this crazy office-trapped day. What a wonderful visit you had!



UmberDove said...

There was so much sugar-salvation and joy-therapy.

And I'm still considering the giant blue cross.