Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mmmeeeeep Meep and Hello, Leather!

Oh, Hello there...

Sorry I didn't notice you staring, I cannot (quite frankly) get over myself either.... have you ever seen blue like this?

So sumptuous and clean?

Name's Brock, by the way.... Brock the Midnight Rider.

I heard about my cousin Penny's tale of heroic sacrifice for Sunny's safety and I stepped forward to offer my services as man-carriage extraordinaire.

Hope to see you all out there on the road with my new girl!


And I have news, too!! A belt has been born, the likes of which I have never made, and every step was glorious.

I think there are like, a gamillion hand stitches in this beauty..

It is the Rilke Belt, and I have not sized it yet: it will fit between a 33 and a 38 inch waist or hip
and when the right woman steps forward to claim it, the sizing will commence.

It is so soft, so achingly tender and perfectly scalloped to elicit sighs of comfort and contentment. I am so looking forward to seeing who owns this piece!!!

CLAIMED by an ANGEL!! :)

'Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are waiting to see us once brave and beautiful'


Progress also on the 'Soul' Bag....

Progress, indeed.



Lenetté aka The Shitzizle said...

such yumminess

dailycoyote said...

hot damn! in love in lust in love in lust..... that BELT!!!!!!! yiyiyi
xo S.

UmberDove said...

Tell Brock I look forward to slapping him right on his shiny rump.

Cat said...

loven' Mr. Brock
indeed indeed I think he is up for the job...hopfefully he ain't all talk!!!
mmm but that colour of blue...only a straight shooter can pull that off!

loven' the new leather..gorgeous

love and light

Kim said...

Brock is hot! ;)

You bloggity blog ladies continually blow my mind with your talent/gift! Wow.

Lizzy Derksen said...

What a belt!

You are slowly winning me over to brighter leather. I have been a brown girl for too long, perhaps?

Nialah said...

Such gorgeous, lustrous leather treasures...your creativity is just astounding.

Gives Brock a hug and giggles. Welcome to the newest addition to your family.



DalaHorse said...

Hi are beautiful....better take good care of your new miss...named after one of my favorite song's too(Midright Rider)Gregg Allman version please! Awesome new stuff Allison ♥

Taddyporter said...

Well hello! Your new ride is just classy as heck(yes Brock I'm talkin' to you)and gorgeous in hue so thinking of your sassy self and hoping you are on the mend(albeit a journey that takes its sweet time=been there)AND that belt ahhhhh THAT BELT. I can say as a proud mama to one turquoise and scarlet magic-soul-ride Sunny creation, there is no better colour combo.

Katherine said...

I already really liked our Honda Fit, but now that I know yours kept you safe I love it even more. And your post giving voice to your gratitude for Honda for making a safe subcompact... it made me so weepy and completely changed the way I think about cars, and car companies... the responsibility they have, and the trust we put in them. Now you have the same Fit we do - same pretty blue and all.

Safe driving, friend.