Friday, January 21, 2011

Stones to Ponder & Contest

Remember waaaaay back in the day when I said I was going to cab this MOTHER of a Lucky Strike agate and I showed you this piece as a finished slice?

I am setting her this week.


In a ring.

She is huge and gorgeous and you'll never see the likes of her again, that's how remarkable she is.


Has the markings of the mother, but a gentler, more subdued soul. A few tiny pits.
Fireless opal water line marks.

Matrix. A tiny fracture, healed.

This piece will be my first ever offering as a cabochon, to be purchased by a woman or man who works with metals.

My first lapidary offering: this won't happen all that often, but every once in a while I will offer these things :)

Next week.

Moss agate so sweet, it'll make you kiss the sky.

I mean, COME ON!!!!! This is a smaller cab, still trying to figure out what to set it in.
I did not cab this one, but I am obsessed with it.

And lastly, uuuuuber collectible Texas Plume. It is so valuable, so insanely perfect...
I picked this one up on my way to Arcata last weekend, and I am pondering whether to set it or not....

Or maybe it should go in the collection....


Things to ponder.

One more thing, my sweets:

I saw the reaction both in comment and convo to my Jadeite Fire King teacup, and so I will be having a contest in a few days, offering you one of your very own.

I scoured the interwebs to find you one of good quality and girth.

I am thinking of having you send in photos of your best tea-sipping outfit, or your BEST raised pinky, snooty-Brit style... perhaps I will share mine, too, and we can all take one sip at the same time.... of course, the contest won't be judged by the photo, merely as a random comment draw, but I like the idea of taking tea with all of you, across the globe.

And perhaps we can all say *AHHHHHH* in that silly whisper tone afterwards.

In unison.

Have a bountiful and happy weekend!



Nialah said...

ooooh gorgeous cabochons and a competition. You are too generous my dear Allison for sharing these things with us.



dailycoyote said...

AARGH! I wish I could grow a few more arms. Think of what my juggling abilities would be if I had five arms. And with that many more hands I could wear so many more rings at the same time. NEED MORE ARMS.

UmberDove said...

I'M still obsessing over that cab! I want to swim around in those plumes!

Also. Do the photo requirement. I may or may not have the perfectly [im]proper tea-ing outfit.

Illustratornette said...

I am super in love with the red plume agate! THE COLORS!

gallerydarrow said...

YIKES! You were born to cut stone! Beautiful!

Kerri said...

Wow these stones are incredible!

marie bell said...

oh so lovely.
all the colours and inclusions.