Friday, January 28, 2011

Jadeite Contest!!!

How do you take your tea?

Well, I'll go first: today, my tea is actually coffee because I have a lot to do and little time to do it...
with the exception of green, I take my tea and coffee with milk or cream

no sugar

(I like to think I'm just sweet enough, thank you!)

Tell me how you take your tea or coffee in the comment section to enter this contest:

heck, it may inform me and my readers about a taste sensation we're missing!!

Drawn at random, your winnings will be this D handle Jadeite mug, made by Fire King back when glass had class.

People sweat over Jadeite, and I never understood until I got my first cup up in Eureka with Ms. Kelly.
I am hooked!!!

I can't wait to hear about what you sip!!



Anonymous said...

With Irish Whiskey, and a smile.


Em in SF said...

I don't know you well enough to give my usual response to "how do you take your coffee?" - so I'll just go with BLACK. Good coffee should never be diluted with cream or sugar.

Bad coffee, however, benefits greatly from a big scoop of vanilla coconut milk ice cream and perhaps a shot of rum.

miznyc said...

Peppermint Tea. Yum!

Anonymous said...

My future husband asks me almost every morning if I would like some tea...or he surprises me with a cup to wake me up. I take my tea: Out of his hands and into mine with a grateful heart. I love when he holds my face right after with warm hands from the cup and kisses me good morning. I take my tea with love and a few cubes of bliss. God, I'm corny. Haha! I just can't help it these days... <3 Staci DeStefano xoxoxo

Lois Moon said...

I drink my coffee with half & half, black tea with milk and a tiny bit of Sugar in the Raw. I'm almost always sipping coffee, never flavored and always strong enough to stand up to the cream.

Jadite is awesome and one of my favorite colors.

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

I love jasmine green tea - just straight up. Call it boring, but I like things just they way nature made them!
The mug is beautiful Allison ( as are you!)
I hope I win!

Liane said...

i take my irish tea with honey and milk and Seamus on my lap to "give it a good stir about"

Berkshire Hostess said...

Paris tea from Harney & Sons with a bit of agave nectar and a splash of organic half-n-half :)

'Rin said...

I take my coffee with whole milk (if possible) and the rawest sugar available. Black tea is with honey and green tea is with nothing! Coffee keeps my grad school mind going... and I need to drink more sencha.

DalaHorse said...

Lately I've been drinking constant tea in the morning....i use Italian Sweet Cream Creamer so i forgo the sugar...then at night i like cappuccino preferably...but if not i fire up the Keurig and add the italian sweet cream to whatever i's amazing how sweet that cream is....if i use sugar with it then it's too sweet. Sorry didn't mean to go into a dissertation!

PonderandStitch said...

Ok, when it comes to coffee, I'm more of a 'milk with a little bit of coffee in it' person, meaning, an entire cup of milk with a couple spoons of coffee in it. When I was little, I would beg my dad to put a spoon of coffee in my milk and it reminds me of that great taste.

When it comes to tea, I like black tea with milk and sugar. Oh, and honey, too!


Julia said...

Extra hot with sweet vanilla half and half! :o)

Still Lily said...

well my day long tea ritual starts whilst sitting alone with a cup of Antioxidant Max Green Tea w/splash of Organic Blue Agave, then slowly move into a cup of PG Tips...splashed with almond milk and Agave again. Mid morning I brew a smooth cup of Green Tea (splash Agave again)...come mid day it's time for Yerba Mate lovingly adorned with Agave and Almond Milk. Then in the late afternoon hours, I make myself another cup of PG (so as to assure late night productivity), and then before bed with our wee ones, we make a pot of Vanilla Sleepy Time and pour out small vintage cups on a bamboo board on the floor of their bedroom and proclaim our gratitude for what we experienced in our day...with a wee tea toast to each other.
And oftentimes I slip in one more Sleepytime cup to meself while knitting at the end of the day.
now, for someone who doesn't comment much...i sure did a teafull...or you think I have a tea problem?

beth + cody said...

Ooh! Yes yes yes!

I love a honeybush, or a red rooibos tea, usually just plain, but if I'm feeling rambunctious, I'll add a bit of steamed milk and honey.

I think it would taste even better from that lovely jadeite.
Thanks for the contest, Allisunny!

Panda said...

Flavoured greens with no sugar, at 80% boiling water and always in a vintage cup!

Cinder says said...

I'm with Jaime, I drink unadorned Jasmine Green tea all day long.
Lately I have been stocking up with JG tea from Trader Joe's. My daughter goes to college in Boston and whenever we drop her off, pick her up or visit, I buy about a dozen boxes. They must think I'm crazy. We don't have a Trader Joe's in my neck of the woods. I don't know what I'll do when she graduates next year! : (
Maybe I'll change things up a bit by then.

Vita said...

If it's french-pressed, it doesn't need anything...milk, cream, sugar...nada! YUM! And I bet you this jadeite coffee mug would make it take DELISH!!!! If I don't win it, you know I'm going to be searching for one anyways!! ;)
Hoping you are doing MUCH better Allisunny!! :)

Erin said...

What a beautiful mug! I drink my tea just the way it is, but I typically put a little something in my coffee. Sometimes milk and sugar, other times a flavored syrup or creamer. My husband & I both are starting to drink a lot more tea than coffee. Yummm....

dailycoyote said...

Tea of choice: Guayaki Yerba Mate is KICK ASS, Capital K, Capital Everythingelse. It has the whammo of coffee, the soothing ahhhhmmmmmm of green tea. It's grand.

jessi sawyer said...

Oh, that mug.

A novel on tea and coffee:
How I take my tea entirely depends on what sort of tea I am drinking. English breakfast tea is often my preference, and I *usually* drink it with milk and a bit of raw sugar, but sometimes just plain too! All of the other teas I usually have plain, but sometimes I'll throw a little honey in the mix.

Coffee I have tried many different things, but it has to be GOOD and it has to be STRONG. Then half and half til it's the right color, and 90% of the time a little raw sugar goes in as well...but not too sweet! There must be balance :)

AND if it's after dinner coffee, well, that's usually black or with a little half and half. /end scene.

Abigail Jasmine said...


I like a good robust organic (and even better if I can purchase fair trade) earthly floral blend ~

With a big splash of organic whole milk

Topped with cinnamon!


bonddi said...

Earl Grey and I have known each other for years, sharing china teacups, mugs and plastic to-go cups. He is always hot tempered, but I distract him with a honey and milk works every time.

RosyRevolver said...

Tazo AWAKE, with a bit of whole milk, no sweetener. I LOVE jadeite almost as much as I love you.

No. That's not true. I love you way more than tea and milk.

Sunny Rising Leather said...


And laughing and agreeing and smiling :)


Amanda Ford said...

I take my tea white. As in White Peony. With a square or two of very rich, organic, fair trade, single origin dark chocolate. In the morning. Every morning. While looking out the window to the trees.

Angela said...

Oooh what a pretty cup.

I take my Irish Breakfast or Early Grey with just a sploosh of milk. And ideally get to lounge in my underthings while drinking it.

Lizzy Derksen said...

I drink my coffee only with milk, and when it's been made by Tim (or Tim's dad, or his brother). I drink my tea with a bit of white sugar and milk, or if it's green tea, with lemon.

resolute twig said...

tea I drink by its perfect self, but I love my coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars, because apparently I am not quite sweet enough :) hehe

Love this mug and you!!

Char said...

Raspberry Earl Grey with a touch of stevia.

UmberDove said...

I can personally attest to the perfection of this mug in the hand - I hold one of it's sister almost daily!

That said, I take my Lucky Irish Breakfast with a heavy splash of milk and a scant drop of honey. Bottoms up! said...

So glad to read that you and I are not the only 'tea with cream' people out there.

I'm an Oolong drinker and a bit of local honey with heavy cream is my favorite way to start the morning. I remember going on airplane trips when I was little and the stewardess bringing me tea with sugar and milk in a TWA plastic coffee cup. I was so 'grown up' then!

xo :: lynn

Snailentina said...

For a morning fix, preferably Clipper with a drop of almond milk and half a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Herbal like peppermint just by itself, ahh! so good after a meal.

Try Clipper someday if you can, an Englishman friend of mine introduced me to that organic tea and it is heavenly.

Patr said...

Hot, with real Maple Syrup

reconstructing sarah said...

tea with milk and honey always sounds so good!

and coffee...with vanilla cream or spice.

oh, sunny, how i wish we could have a sit down over some tea...
one day :)

Cat said...

In the busy mornings, nothing is better to start with than Good Earl Grey, loose if I have it. A touch of sweet, and heavy cream if I'm feeling the need for extra specialness to prepare for a hard day to come.

Jasmine green with local honey for when it is time to think.

Chai makes a great toddy base as well!

oh, so many teas to drink in so many ways!!! And so many cups and mugs to sip from!

mme. bookling said...

Coffee = Black as ebony. Unless I am feeling like a capuccino, which does indeed happen.

Tea = Earl Grey with honey and cream. Proper English-style, thank you very much.

I would just adore this cup.
But not as much as I adore you.
No never.

Buffalo Lucy said...

I take my coffee black and with a shot or two of espresso when I have my way.

Tea, on the other hand, I take with lots of sugar.

I'm an enigma!

Love your blog.


Mari Huertas said...

How I Take My Tea

[for Allison – xo]

I take my tea with honeyed friends
Sweeter than drip-drops from bees’ dens
With generous laughter on the side.

I take my tea slowly, and still
It’s warm enough to fight the chill
Of winter walks and snowy rides.

I take my tea with careful steep.
In evenings cold and dark and deep,
Into my very heart it slides.

I take my tea in prancing cups.
From lovely floral mugs I sup,
Their small beauty a liquid’s bride.

I take my tea while writing prose.
Scent dancing boldly to my nose,
the only distraction I’ll abide.

To dark tea’s touch I always thrill;
It warms my mind and charms my will.
My love for it shall ne’er subside.


All this is to say I take my tea black.

And I love that mug.

And I love you.


aquariansoul said...

I love that cup! I think anything tastes better out of a teacup! I love peppermint tea from the mint plant in my backyard! When I need a little energy I like Yerba mate with a splash of soymilk, no sugar.

Taddyporter said...

Well good evening to you, dear Allison, and beverage-drinking companions:

I have been enjoying yerba mate' infused with chai spices(ginger*star anise*cardamom*cinnamon and a pinch o' pink peppercorns, easy to make and spicyyyyy). A drizzle of agave or local honey along with a great guzzle of mimicream yummmmmm:a creamy and rich(no fat though)concoction derived from tasty cashew and almond goodness. Comforting, warm, invigo-roar-ating.

I was lucky to snag a big old box of awesome diner-ware jadeite at a estate sale years back. I have plenty so no need to count me in but I sure had fun gabbing.

Illustratornette said...

I like Empowermint by Guayaki with vanilla agave nectar or honey. I don't like coffee, so the yerba mate leaf really helps me get through the day.

songbird said...

Ooooooooh! Lovely mug :)

Please count me in...I am into Peppermint tea with orange blossom honey. (A yummy combination.)

Thank you for this fun contest!

Tasha Imajin said...

I drink rooibos mandarin tea with a swirl of cream and a few drops of agave nectar. Imagine the pale peach color against the green of the mug! It would be like a warm sweet sunset.

Glynis said...

Your blog is lovely!

I take me tea with maybe a little honey, maybe a scoop of bee pollen, maybe plain. Usually plain.

As for coffee, I drink espresso, unadulterated.

Zorah said...

double bergamot earl grey with lots of honey and a splash of milk!

Roselle said...

I take my yerba mate with a bit of milk and my loose leaf oregon chai with a splash of cream. Evenings hold fair trade loose leaf chamomile (sometimes infused with pineapple).....ahhhhh. Love that mug, it reminds me of my grandmother and she was the joy of my life. Love your blog too, it makes me happy :)

studio.delucca said...

it makes my heart happy to think of you sipping from the cherished cup :)

I'm a lover of the zippy teas - earl greys, all manner of spicy chais -- when I am feeling nostalgic, I sip a cuppa my gram's favorite... Constant Comment.

always with milk & a wee spoonful of honey


angie said...

what a lovely mug! i used to take my organic green tea with a splosh of organic milk until i read that the milk binds to something healthy in the tea and prevents some of the benefits, blah blah blah. i haven't had time to check it out yet, so i am currently adding some loose organic lemongrass blend to the green.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ladies, you are some classy tea sippers.

I am so excited to try some of these teas!!!

Thanks for sharing :)


Nialah said...

There's nothing more enjoyable in the mornings for me than indulging in ritual of making tea. It starts with warming the teapot, a dash of milk and honey in the bottom of a cup, a spoonful of tea (at the moment creme caramel roiboos is my favorite), the smell of the tea leaves as they hit the warm infuser is just intoxicating, then dancing or bustling around the kitchen whilst the kettle boils (ok that may not be traditional but I find its the only way to make tea :D). My pretty pink teapot filled to the brim with amber goodness, to be poured into the teacup and stirred to make a divine heart warming elixir.

Katherine said...

I love, love, love the jadeite.

I prefer my coffee with you. And some half & half. ;-)

Cathy said...

Chammomile with a liberal dollop of honey. It's sooo soothing. Love it!

Or any black tea variation iced. And lots of it!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I take my coffee with 2% milk..thanks for the reminder, i did not see this post xoxo

kennington designs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kennington designs said...

this lovely cup would remain half full of optimistic dreams and drink the constant whispers of a fulfilled life....just sayin!

Joseph said...

My tea is made by boiling an osha root in the tea kettle water. I made a mixture of jasmine bulb and licorice tea, then I add some Pau D'arco and milk thistle to spoil my liver after all the alcohol I make it imbibe. Thanks, liver. I mix in some sugar, honey, some lemon zest (but not the juice), and enjoy with good company, sunlight, and blueberry scones.

Melissa said...

I used to hate milk in my tea, but after living in the UK for 3 years I can't have it any other way. Milk and one sugar first, drop in the tea bag (tetley), then pour boiling water and let steep for 30 seconds - 1 minute.

For coffee... Cafe del Doge espresso with a bit of steamed milk and LOTS of foam. Mmmm.

marie bell said...

upon waking:
a good strong black tea [blended, preferably] with honey and cream.

for relaxing:
chamomile with honey.

occasionally, for fun, my sweetie and i "go out" for hot soy chai lattes. YUMMMM.

thank you for hosting a very sweet many strong and lovely women participating!


Daniela said...

I love my tea without milk or sugar, and I'm loking for just the right temperature, not too hot, but certainly not too cold. Mugs are used in function of the mood: the more there is to reflect on, the smaller is the mug. I can have tea at every time of the day, may it be 11 p.m.
When I'm working on the computer in the evening, I'll share a mug or two with my husband, who works (or plays ;-) )on the other computer.
There is never such thing as too much tea ;-)
Daniela from France

Camlo said...

I have one favorite and one necessity:
My favorite-Lemon ginger plain- is how I start the day, everyday.
My necessity? Get Gorgeous rooibos by The Republic of Tea. I figure that as a solitary jewelry gnome, I need all the help I can get!

amanda said...

I generally like to take my teas plain, since I love to appreciate the depth of flavor in unflavored loose leaf teas.

That said, I make an exception for a simple, home-made chai. Hot milk, cardamom, sugar and a strong black tea is delicious!!

Oranie said...

VERY strong black tea, with whole milk. Or occasionally, red rooibos tea, also strong and with milk. Yum!

And I just have to say, oh my!! to the color of that glass! Thank you for the contest, I've enjoyed reading about everyone's tea habits. :)

Lindsey said...

milk and honey....yummmm