Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming Attractions

A trio
trinity, if you want to get holy about it - and yes,

these pieces of earth are holy to me!

Set simply, they sing a song celestial and grounding, all at once.

Exotica Jasper, some would call it, or porcelain jasper.
This looks like a journey into peace, a nebula..

size 6.5, a piece of the heavens.

Mama Lucky Strike....

elegant, completely powerful...

this stone feels like a thunderbolt from the sky in your hand. Energetic, full of power and promise. I cannot say enough about it.

Size 9.

And finally, a perfect little letter-writing partner, the Dear Sir ring in Priday Plume.
I gave this one a lovely rustic texture around the outside of the bezel by sprinkling sterling powder (collected from sawing) into the solder for a slightly bubbly, gritty texture.

It's perfect.
I am going to be looking into the possibilities in sterling dust in the coming weeks:
an odd addition, perhaps, but it's alluring to the touch and its textural gifts divine.

This little ring is a size 5.5 for the small fingered among us.

Not sure when these beauties will find their way into the Metal Shop, likely tomorrow evening!!!

The contest closes on Wednesday evening for a Thursday drawing!!

Sip on, my dear friends!!!



liz r. said...

I really do like your starry rings--they are just so appealing. Well, all of these are appealing!

MrsLittleJeans said...

I agree with liz r, all of those are lovely and appealing xoxo

Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

Beautiful pieces but that Mama Lucky Strike is outstanding...that is some stone.

Lilnut said...

oh ... I love your rings ... You're my silver guru!
and atmosphere of your blog makes it so often I look ...
:) Lil.

DalaHorse said...

These are sublime Allison!

mywifesstudio said...


Nialah said...

gorgeous gorgeous rings as per usual. You manage to outdo yourself every single time.

Cat said...

So much power in those stones! Well set, you!


Cat said...

love love love the celestial ring

gorgeous and creative!

love and light

Jacqueline Roberge said...

Beautiful jewelry designs.