Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Wing to Fly

Over the last month, I've experienced limitations in ways I didn't expect:

Starting over again in yoga, spending whole classes in child's pose, quietly crying for my inert yearning to stand down fear in warrior two, quiet and full of breath.

Warrior two had to wait.
As did walking fast
turning my head quickly
working at either bench for more than two hours
and dancing to country music in my studio...

I had to cultivate (and continue to do so because it is amazing!) the quiet, less active parts of my daily life.

As I gradually re-introduce the spirited movement I've come to love so much in my thirties,
I've found everything to be bouyant, lively and full of gratitude

and ultimately I find that in the middle of everything vigorous, there is now an avocado seed of stillness.

A pause in the richness of going and doing...
a moment or four of sitting in my overstuffed studio chair with a mug of something warm
hearing nothing but the sounds of the city swinging wide around my house
mind full of clear blue nothing.

In the limitations of my situation, I was given something valuable to life me above the stress I had created for far too long:

a wing

A golden Hawk Wing.

Strung on a chain of 'A's, as in:


I made one for you,
hoping that in the wearing of something so feathered, you might get the mile-high perspective you need to make room for stillness and wholeness in your life.

Asymmetrical, elegant and from my hands and heart.
In the Leather Shop this evening.



Jenna said...

I need to do yoga and cry and have my spirit moved, but instead I will probably screw around aimlessly on my laptop until it's bedtime.

Nialah said...

Just gorgeous my dear friend.



emmy d said...

My Dear, blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful
lots of growing pains...the look lovely on you!

love and light

Kathleen said...

So lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the accident that forced you to move slowly and be gentle with yourself, but I am inspired by the way that you have used it to grow and explore that aspect of life more deeply. As always, you are my hero .. you have always had a gift for taking the lemons in life and making awesome lemonade. You inspire me to follow in your footsteps when things get hard, and use the trials to grow and learn, rather than stagnate. I love you!

beth & cody said...

My heart stopped! What a wing! I love the asymmetrical nature, the strength and grace... OH. She's a doozy!

Just wondering.... any chance of that teacup contest coming up in the near future? I love the idea of a slew of ladies (and Dave?) sipping tea together via Sunny Rising.