Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something for Everyone

Before I go down the list of what has been made and when it can be found in the Metal Shop,
I would like to take a moment to
show you the unusual sight in my teacup yesterday morning -


Yes, our trio of shedding beauties out back made a cameo in my green jasmine: I had to share it with you because it makes me want to write and photograph a coffee table book wherein cups of tea and coffee have reflections of beautiful things.

Can you imagine?

sigh. I need two of me.

Orphan #1: 2:00 PM today

Orphan #2: 2:00 PM as well -

if the convos were any indication, these two special pieces will go very fast: do take note when you go to see them, they may very well be gone in a

A little something for the future....

And may I just say: this stone and the simple setting are so freaking beautiful that I couldn't bear to show you straight away:

I had to give you a side view first....

note the gorgeous medium dome and the rare plumes already peeking out in their Garden Riot of colors....

The chalcedony in which these plumes explode like summer plants is actually a soft pink/peach. This blows my mind even more.
Un. Real.

The depth of the stone's scene is like nothing I've ever seen, so lush and rich and painfully perfect. I've made peace with letting it go out into the world, though it tugs at my heart.

I have a tiny bit more of the material, enough for one more cabochon, and that shall be mine.

Oh, Sweet Lord of the Dance.
It is a size 7.5 and it is beyond collectible.

You will never see another plume agate quite like this again, mark my words.

The end.

(see how I bookmarked both sides with the same picture, so it'd be wrapped up in a bow? Mmmm hmmm. I did.)

Speaking of plumes, sweet mother of your mother, this is some kind of wonderful.
Salina Plume, so hard to find
in pink and orange and yellow against a black chalcedony background.

Too beautiful. Adding to the stunning effect of the stone, I have hammer-formed a leaf to hang from the apex of the necklace
and in the center of that leaf is a teardrop of rhodochrosite.

It is SO dimensional, so beautiful with its sterling dewdrops...

these are pieces I've been working on for the last week since I arrived home, many parts made well before I needed so much rest...

I am so overwhelmed with joy to show them to you, I could cry.
But I won't-

Because my eyes are dry from smiling so.

Everything will be in the Metal Shop today at some point, waiting for their mistresses
with fresh silver hearts.



Nialah said...

Stunning pieces dear Allison, hopefully I will be able to snag one of those orphans.

*crosses fingers*



kerin rose said...

Sunny girl, there is an eloquence growing ever louder here in your metalwork, as you add to your vocabulary of techniques.....this work is all simply....lovely!...


emmy d said...

Ooooo what beautiful things to look at on a late afternoon! Glad to see your work again after the holiday break!

Anonymous said...

what goodness you create!
your works seem to always cary a piece of you in them
love that

love and light

ps how have you been feeling after the accident?

dailycoyote said...


Sunny Rising Leather said...

M- ;) :) :) :) xoxoxoxox

Kerin: many thanks, my friend. That means the world to me coming from you, talented one.

Emmy D!!! SO nice to 'see' you here!! :) Glad to be here and working :)

Cat, oh so much love and light to you, too! I have been in a great deal of pain, but I am working to help it all pass. Thank you so much for asking.

DC: LOVE :) xoxoxoxoxox

sensitiveartist said...

great idea for a coffee table book. go for it!