Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lucky Baby

NOTE: Found a flaw, will list after I fix it!!! :)

From rough purchased in October, rough that thrilled and amazed my very bones
comes a cabochon that I am making available for purchase.

Not to be set in my own jewelry, though, if that happened it would be ok, too:

My hope is that another smith bites and puts it into their work, a marriage of souls in which I get to play a new part...

Whenever I set a stone from a lapidary artist I admire, I feel like they are there, too:
they travel in the tidy gift wrapping to a new home,
live on someone's clavicle or pointer finger...

I am so excited to have that feeling!

Lucky Strike is hard to work: there are little pits and pockets that open up as you grind and polish, much like mookaite.

You don't want to grind too far past them because you might lose the coral and chocolate mosses, so a few tiny marks are visible in this stone and one healed fracture from way back in the day:

back in the 1000 BC days, that is!!!

(Not sure what the age is on this rock, but I like to think that before man even discovered Oregon, some stressor cracked the thunderegg a bit and it kept on forming around it)

I think this is my favorite part of the 31 X 31 mm stone (at its widest points):
the measured opal-y marks that are so HARD to hold on to: they require such a delicate hand
and I found myself wanting to soothe them through the grinding process so that they'd stay.

They did.

And they will amaze and astound you with their pristine Easter Egg colors.

Yes, I am supremely nerdy and wordy when it comes to rocks: can you blame me???

Baby Lucky Strike, in the Metal Shop shortly!


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MrsLittleJeans said...

I am sure it is a great feeling, bringing that stone out of its dirt, and what a lucky stone to be handled by you xoxo