Friday, March 30, 2012


Everything lately seems to be coming up winged for me,
for us.

The days flying by,
the giddy heights and sharp downward swoops of learning how to parent...
the upward resurrection of a joy that just a few short months ago was
seemingly cut off by the loss of Jones...

It still hurts deep in my solar plexus when I think of him -
how gentle and curious he always was when children came into our home
hovering near but far enough away to escape their squealing clutches
returning again and again to see and smell...

The hearts are ours, it would seem

The wings,
our blessings.

A house so steeped in sadness has found its savior
and I cannot help but create from this place
where hurts are healed with a coo
and ordinary things are steeped in wonder;

eyes learning to focus
waking to the sweetest breath on my cheek
gentle lamplight in the wee hours of the morning
by whose glow the smallest among us dines...

He who flew to us from the source of All....

Our Orion!!!!



Sybil Ann said...

Happy tears - know Jones is with you all. You just can't hear his purring anymore. It's just too HIGH for our ears.


Tasha Imajin said...

I love reading your poetic descriptions of how new mamahood is going for you! Big hugs to you!

Cat said...

words escape me

love and light

✭DalaHorse✭ said...

Oh my gosh...a garden lucky soul! You're wings and hearts are so soulful and poetic.
love to you...s

mairedodd said...

a beautiful babe who wears that look because every single need is being met every single moment...
the heart has no corners, love no limit... proof that this body of ours can only be a container - for how can anything hold that which has no bounds?

Sandra said...

Your wing and heart creations are wonderful! And Orion's latest pic is adorable!

Nancy*McKay said...

YOU are such the coolest Mom!!!