Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fruits of my Love

Here within this space of wonder and will
Coming to understand the depth of something unfathomable has been the order of the day(s).

There are moments around 3:30 AM where I think of war-torn countries with mothers holding their dying children and I weep quietly looking at my son,
hoping his world is better

praying for those in pain

realizing that all I can do is nurture 
and educate
and love like a house on fire

stepping out into the groundless next moment with bravery
and a heart cracked open.

Before I had him
I was petty at times:
I had petty thoughts and grievances
choosing (in lesser moments) to concentrate on things that didn't give light
but now everything feels basic and important.

I forget vanity
I am rumpled and milk-stained
full of fear and joy

and aching with love, painfully in love...

He is such a Good baby.
He sleeps
eats (making noises like a rooting boar, always hungry and hilarious)
charms his family
and our visitors

and the people in my 
life have been so kind,
affording me time in the studio where my brain
(through the magic of fire and hammers)
begins to sift through these hormones
and this swollen heart

to make Beauty
out of the process of learning motherhood.

Pink Opal Seed Pod Earrings
Hammer formed Chrysoprase Drop Necklace (RESERVED)
Maidenhair on Copper Dangly Earrings (ear wires forthcoming, of course)...

I am so excited to offer these pieces,
capturing the energy of this fullness
and catching a bit of the love
that overflows my breast.

Inquiries are welcome



Mari Huertas said...

You are growing, love.

I jump to drink in your posts of late ... they are filled with a gentleness and an urgency and a deep heartfelt compassion ... but also with a sense of 'fuck everything that doesn't matter', and I think that includes very much of what we normally are trained to think matters.

Parenthood, family, and aging naturally do this to us, this shift in perspective ... as does practice.

The new pieces are beautiful, your work always is, but you most definitely are going bigger, fuller, and more expansive in every way.

It is a delight to see. I am grateful and happy for you.


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh my Bean...

There is a lot of growing going on in this little house! Thank you for your beautiful observations - I yearn to know more about where you find yourself these days.


Mari Huertas said...

I will work on a letter. :)

Love you, lady. Love you all.


Linny Kenney Leather said...

You're such an exceptional woman. You really, really are. :)