Friday, March 23, 2012

What is Luxurious Now

A cup of french press, decaf.
A wee napping babe
Preparing Sunday's grocery list
Missing a full shower in favor of more sleep - yes, they all said this would happen!
Breathing through the heaviness of grief and strong emotions
Telling O all about Jones and how curious he would have been while rubbing Jane under her chin
Watering all of the plants, begging their forgiveness as I go...
Visits from friends
Counting the days till my sister arrives, dreaming of three whole days together
How huge Anthony's face feels in my hands leaning in for a kiss after a day with a tiny human
Bizarre, bizarre dreams (a taxidermied man who re-animates???) and a baby who slumbers long enough to allow REM sleep!
Doc Martin
The triumph of an empty sink and a humming dryer
Posting here.



UmberDove said...

I popped over just to check on your wee luxuries and here they are!

Anonymous said...

Yes, all definitely luxuries! One of mine was reading New Yorker articles in the middle of the night (couldn't concentrate long enough for an actual book).

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Umber : A few luxuries arrived in the mail, too - I cannot stop smiling :) xoxoxo

Liz R. : oh that sounds fabulous...yes, a book sounds daunting!! :) xoxoxox

Sybil Ann said...

Good Grief. Doc Martin. YES

Mom and I want to live there.

Boris is home.

I have everything I need. As I suspect you do.

xoxo, dania said...

i find posting on my blog to be a luxury too!

Kelly Z. said...

Ahhh delightful luxuries indeed...i should have known you too would love doc martin, for our dearest oldest friend and 'uncle' to our wee ones is Bert Large (well his role:) my mum has even been in one episode! so cute...and fret not for our plants, do most times forgive us.

Tasha Imajin said...

Oh yes! I know what you mean exactly! It's so comforting reading this and knowing there's someone else out there who is going through the same things. And the weirdness of the big-headed husband! haha! After rubbing my teeny one's head, my husband's feels gigantic.