Friday, June 8, 2012

10 Days In....

Left:Day 1 - Right:Day 10

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Shred is WORKING.

I have lost inches all over already
though not a pound of weight: this does not bother me in the least.

The mot striking change is in the middle of my body.

This morning I felt mopey and thought I'd whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to feel better.

Instead I talked myself down off of the buttery, chocolatey ledge and I shredded
then treated myself to a wonderful green monster with

rice milk
frozen mango

On Sunday I will bake, as it is my 'go nuts' day.

Today I learned that
there is nothing like photodocumentation to prove that you are making progress:

if you want to make a change I seriously recommend taking pictures as you go.

I am also learning to:

Find heros
Give yourself treats that aren't always food-related
Push through mental lethargy
Rest when the body truly calls for it



WillowMetals said...

You look amazing lady!!! I can't believe only 10 days and that much of a change!! You have totally inspired me!!! I think I better throw out the gummy worms and ice cream :)

Sierra Keylin said...

Get it girrrrrl! Oh, and Bitchcakes? She's such a freakin' inspiration! I've been reading her blog for the last two years! You are making me want to MOTIVATE, thanks for that :)!

Jaime said...

Allison I can really see the change, and in only 10 days? Amazeballs! You are constant inspiration my dear ( says the girl who was embarrassingly defeated 15 minutes into the Insanity fit test...)

AnDee said...

Heh! Your sun is setting...

You look wonderful! Before and after...Get as healthy as possible, you've good reasons to do so.

Loads of love to you all.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Save them for Sundays ;) sending you love!!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sierra, comments like this make me want to keep going - I think a fitness blog where a bunch of like-minded ladies keep track of progress would be amazing!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oooh I heard insanity is nutso- I may not even be able to do that! Sending love your way :)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Hi my Gibson girl!!! Yes there is a tiny yet gargantuan reason to kick ass :) xoxo

Cat said...

Shred baby shred

love and light

BC said...

Your chocolate chip cookie will power is stronger than mine. Perhaps I should just send you some so you don't have to bake them for yourself. ;)