Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today I find my heart wrapped around a girl
I know

who is aching.

If she were near I'd cut up a cold mango for her, too
and we'd sit at the kitchen table
dreaming up the future

and accepting the present.

I just got that unintended pun: the present moment as a gift

in grit
and confusion
but with a ceaseless flame at its center

a flame
that burns away the very things which surround it
as one gets closer and closer to 

things like grief and loose bowels
sleepless nights and swollen eyes
mere doorways 
ugly yet benevolent guides in the underworld:
"you're doing it right - keep going!",
they shout with bad breath and one tooth and a missing button eye...

I wish her everything she needs to understand
and thrive
but just as much I wish her
simple joy

cold mango in a mint green bowl
and girlfriends with winged hearts.


1 comment:

tattooedblogger said...

I too think of her and wish her strength, and light, and wings and wisdom...a trillion shoulders, open arms..and for her to know THIS is an empowering moment..and she will be better in the end...either way..she will lose a bit of herself but at the same time gain much more....to friends far far away..you are always near at heart