Sunday, June 10, 2012


This weekend wheels were spinning, dremels were....dremeling
Janey was trilling her little happy notes
and our little trinity went to the farmer's market
and spent our life savings on berries:
it's what you do in the summer!!

All of my projects you have seen since the birth of the babe have been works in small incremental progress: this wing, for instance, is finally coming to fruition:
it's gonna be a doozy of a necklace - that's a ton of engraving.
A ton.

I plan on pairing it with this wonderful Agua Nueva, one of my collection that I've had for years.
It just feels right!

Speaking of stones, this Priday I finished today makes my heart clench
and my teeth ache...
it gets me all mixed up inside like Scheherazade...

And I got the soft faceting right.
I'll be trying this method out with all of my best picture stones!

And here we have a beautiful, imperfect Priday with stunning autumnal plumes:

See the cracks and crevices? Part and parcel of this breed of rock. The very things that make it imperfect make it even more beautiful to me as it is structurally sound.
They also make a deeply expensive stone more affordable -
I will be listing a few of my recently cabbed pieces

later today!

This Laguna will NOT be among them.

I will be sleeping with this beauty under my pillow until I am old and gray

or at least until I get over my crush on it.

I leave you with a perfect, rare and painfully beautiful pink plume with deep, cavernous druzy pockets:

Please make sure to wear your helmet when you go spelunking in there!

The latter part of this day will be dedicated to chocolate-chip-cookie-baking,
Orion-cuddling, Anthony-feeding, Janey-chin-scratching
and a good long walk in the late warm evening.

I hope your weekend has been restorative and good.



Nialah said...

Gorgeous cabs and that wing. Oh my it's divine.

Sending so much love



Sierra Keylin said...

The STONES!!!!!!!! Oh. My. Goodness.
Especially the special one that will reside under your pillow...It's got some kind of ethereal glow to it.

Cat said...

love and light