Saturday, June 2, 2012

Late Spring Fresh Lavender Feather Intra-nuckle-ular Ring

This beauty is long and lean,
stretching gracefully across three fingers.

For that reason it is best worn on a middle or a ring finger, spreading across your digits
like a jaunty plume.

This 'feather' is actually a lavender leaf from my yard here in California:
right now it is in bloom and holy holiness this plant is a thing of beauty
for the nose and the eyes.

I paired the frond with a gorgeous piece of dendritic agate: saffron and red trees
spreading out across a snowy landscape
or perhaps coral branches in an ocean of milk...

This ring will fit a size 7.25 finger


I will deliver it with glad hands into the 

this evening.


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Cat said...

how did I miss this?


love and light