Friday, March 22, 2013

Bluebird of Happiness Soft Clutch

You know the phrase "may the bluebird of happiness sing forever in your heart"? Or is it something like brain is shorting out a lot these days
busy with my boys and my loved ones and Sunny Rising.
I used to know the words off the top of my head...I had time!

Regardless of their exactitude, I think of them every time I see these little darling bluebirds which have become a staple in my work. No matter how far I stray from their presence I always come back, always come....home.

Oh home!!

It's coming up on my Sixth anniversary as an entrepreneur and my heavens what a year it's been.
I am on the knife-edge of too much and just enough most every day,
working hard to keep the balance and my perspective clear and healthy.

Getting into the studio means a lot of breathing and attention to spirit and relief

and likewise shutting the door and heading in to the waking of my boy
means a different and very present kind of happiness.

Lately life feels less about the get-in-the-car-and-chase-the-sunset kind of seeking (oh the years and years that I lived that joy - so grateful!) and more
like the deeply homespun and dedicated kind,
where dinner is hot on the table and evening walks abound
now that the sun sinks low later.

I pass other mamas pushing strollers and we smile that secret-society smile of contentment, confusion and powerful love. 

We seek to nestle and burrow and coo like birds here.

It is a season of life, so distinct and brand new
and oh so fast and fleeting.

It seemed only fitting to celebrate it with a pair of bluebirds adorning the softest 
green and Bahama blue clutch.

Dotted with cherries and accented with little mod black detailing,
this speaks a language I understand right now.

It whispers lullabies
and calls everyone around a table
it is nourishing and loving and almost of a different era
like a memory
like a pie in the window cooling
or a summer evening with fireflies (oh how I miss them!)

This sweetness will be in the


with the loveliest of bells on.

May the season your life resides in feel its very best tonight,
dear reader.

Thank you for coming 'round.