Friday, March 8, 2013

Meditations on Groundless Living

I've carried with me the desire to make a very particular earring these last few weeks.
My heart has been very tender.

We like to fool ourselves into thinking that if we just keep our plates filled and make plans for next November
each moment will unfold as we've accounted for.

What we forget is that this framework through which we create a safety net doesn't really exist
in fact
the only thing that exists at all is this present moment
which happens over and over and over again
fresh and new

fresh and new and sometimes scary
sometimes blissful
always beyond our plans, beyond our control

We are groundless, with the next moment unfolding constantly
like a flower ever blooming
in and out of death
company and loneliness
ease and disease

Sometimes this feels very comforting
or adventurous,
breath thrumming through your body and the boom of our hearts

and sometimes this is very overwhelming
because we want a guarantee
so that we can avoid pain

These are the things I've been mulling around as I've created and refined this little series

and completely human



Cat said...

I am being so fed by all my lovelies today
thank you so much sister-freind
I am feeling this deeply
and seeing you beautiful soul...

love and light

Allisunny S. said...

Do you know how palpably I feel your presence when you stop by? You might as well ring my doorbell, woman. ;) love to you!!! Xo

Cat said...

wish I could...ring your doorbell that is xo
love you Sunny!

Brooke said...

These pieces (the finished ones, too - just saw!) are GORGEOUS - and your words on this post and the one with the finished pieces are exactly what I needed to hear today. You have no idea. <3