Friday, March 15, 2013

Dandelion Season

It is the season of dandelion seeds here at our cottage.
Daily they spring to life to spread their word by the next sundown
and I could not resist capturing a few on golden brass and fine silver.

Hammers rang 'rejoice!' and Paul Simon played loud this week in the studio.
I sang along especially loud to "Loves me Like a Rock"
wondering about my son getting older
and remembering his tender years with gospel-tinted joy.

So may it be!

I watch as he plays with a spatula and laminated paper, stirring it on the floor
lost in solitary play
healthy and laughing at some private joke
as Janey hovers near him.

I love him like the rock of ages.

This morning we bid this beautiful man goodbye,
waving from the train station platform.

Orion pointed his chubby finger at everything that passed 
and I listed the spoils of his wonderment:

all the while smiling
that he has come to this place of looking at the world.

Life is tender here
ephemeral and sweet

I am wishing you the best day today...
that life gathers around you and lifts you high
like a seed on the wind,
lighter than air.


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