Sunday, March 10, 2013

Groundless Living Cobblestone Earrings


We can go along for months before the plans we've hatched yield an altogether different egg
than the one we've made room for
in our hearts and minds

The pre-ordained rules of life so often get turned on their heads:
only the very old die
if we take care everything will be alright
most questions have a logical answer
busy keeps the mind from chewing its tail

Then the unexpected comes and we're undone by it
cracked open by it
dreading its cousins,
grief and grasping
as they arrive and unfold our hearts (if we let them).
When (and if) they leave we are bigger and more capable


who among us recovers without being haunted?
who lives without reget
feeling utterly confident in all the choices,
each and every last one?

I don't know anyone who can raise their hand to that question,
even the most spiritual
and sound of mind and body...

we all struggle with the groundless living
from time to time

This little series I have a hard time describing
because the little ovals are at once people and energy gathering in to lift us up
and they represent the cobblestones we walk, each appearing in the present moment
just as our soles press down upon them.

They are markers for your faith when it is worn down
and a reminder of our innate abilities to heal and 
be better


even though it so often requires the uncomfortable choice.

Even on an ordinary day like today we have choices
to put down the barbed things and let our hearts hurt
living the discomfort until it opens into a strange and beautiful joy
that safety would never allow...

to live groundlessly and without expectation
beside the only two we really know:
we are born and we will die.

I want to tell you not to be afraid, I want to tell you that those words should not be avoided
the way part of us wants to run from them.

I believe with all my stuffing
the place from which we came and return to is surely home:
if you can accept that the mystery may hold the best of beauty 
beyond what we can comprehend

then let's walk together 
step by step
until we whisper
from the gorgeous sight of it all.

I would prefer the women who wear these to be readers here. As simple as these lovely brass, fine and sterling silver earrings look, they are utterly packed with meaning and love.

So many of you have shared part of your path with me for the last several years...these are for you.

To reserve one of the three pair, please convo me