Sunday, October 13, 2013


Here be the maiden (landlocked) voyage of the S.S. Yeti Spaghetti!!!

I know one sailor who was very sad when the kayak got put back into the garage

whose name rhymes with "I'm Buyin'"...

It's long been a big dream of mine to have a kayak
because few things make me happier than paddling around a lake or a slough
and eventually (darn, that car rack isn't free???)
I will be able to pick up and go with my guys
in this great state of California.

I kinda want to take it out right now and sit in it under the stars in the cold.



Cat said...

Alright. That's it. I'm finding a way to get my kayak down to NC. I've got the winter to figure it out... xoxo

Allisunny S. said...

Babbie Babe, I SO would love that. xoxox

Brandi said...

Oh, to go kayaking with you.
And Cat...

Allisunny S. said...

Brandi, done and done!! Who else is coming along ;)????!! Let's make this a big adventure!

Lori ann said...

i'm here from vibeke's a butterfly in my hair. LOVE your earrings, wow so pretty! and LOVE kayaking too! your little sailor (ryan?) is SO cute!

pencilfox said...

such a grand notion: to sit in the kayak, out in the yard, under the stars.
i think i shall ask mister pencilfox to allow me to sit in one of his boats my next night off when the stars are a-shinin'....