Friday, October 4, 2013

Holding Bowls for Sorrow

This week feels like a strange place in which so many goodhearted women I know are suffering.
I know it's normal, but it feels out of balance.
Beyond lighting candles
and sending light
I made little bowls for tears

a meditation of sorts for this aspect of our lives:
tearful times come to all of us.

Heavy days are part of the experience of life.
Can we breathe not just through them but into them?
Can we observe the discomfort and know we're held and loved through it?

Little bowls for tears when the boat starts taking on water.

Little reminders of our strength and the grace that silently accompanies us everywhere.
Little bell-like bowls.

In the Metal Shop today.


I know it's been a while since I've written about the little cat tribe,
but I wanted to fill you in on the adventure.

Leela was making such a fuss when she saw Joe on the other side of the glass door that I believed the transition to three sharing space would be a bit...brutal

but after the initial yowling our exotic little rescue did it was a balanced and joyful trio that formed.
Leela has someone with whom to tumbleweed about the house and lick raw

Janey has someone she really likes to touch noses with who distracts Leela from stalking her
and Lil' Joe has a warm safe place to thrive and grow and get many pets and kisses.

And this guy gets to watch all their hijinks and laugh:

it's like Joe was the missing piece for all of us...he balances the house.
He gladdens my heart in places it has ached for a long time.

Have a glorious weekend, my dear friends
and know I send you warm thoughts!