Friday, October 18, 2013

On Work and Birth

Today I am Thirty Six years old.
Before I gave birth I thought the birthday was just an individual celebration,
but today after a few years of appreciating my boy
I know that it's also another form of Mother's Day.
The recognition of a child alive and thriving.

Today I think of my own mother and how she must have experienced looking at this tiny infant,
the overwhelming joy and responsibility that entails,
the hormones,
the support or lack thereof.

You may wonder why I am listing pieces on a day when I could very easily kick back and just eat cake;
this would be work if it were 'work'
but it feels so right to give the world these jewels
that they be presented
on this auspicious day

Today is both the anniversary of my birth
and of my wedding to Anthony:
can you believe it's been five years?
Have you been with me that long here on this little page?

The moments have flown or dragged, day by day depending on the gifts and challenges we've navigated.
I was saying to my husband this morning that it's really something, marriage...
You take this path and agree to be faithful and cherish and take care of each other in the best and worst of times
to see each other at your most happy or devastated moments
to smell each other's dirty socks
see each other's naked hynies
and break bread together daily
engaging in discussions both mundane and special
or to disagree in an attempt to understand better, to peel back the onion a little more
to find each other in the midst of change and keep the other posted so you don't lose your way
in this jungle world we live in...
on its best day marriage is work
on its worst day it is work, too
but I am hearty as a mule
and he an ox.

We hold hands.
We lean in close against the wind when it blows cold.

It feels often to me that it's work of a very soulful nature, supporting love.
It's the way I feel about SunnyRising: yes, there is labor involved
but I am so fed by it, so nurtured by nurturing this endeavor.

People ask if we're going to have another baby and I tell them I already have two:
Orion and Sunny.
And no, there will be no third.

You can probably tell from this week's work, but my heart was on fire with love.
It radiates from the petals
from the rivets and cold connections of flower and drape.

I felt no weight this week, slowly working through custom pieces
and finishing the details of bits for the shop.

Sometimes I hummed Miley Cyrus or listened to soft rock radio
sometimes I enjoyed absolute silence broken by the sound of my tools
and engines.

Where last week the studio saw me healing from heartache I didn't know I had
this week saw the reward for being with the pain
and not leaving it alone when it needed me most

The week was gossamer.
Feminine graces
and stubborn spring in the midst of the dying summer.

This week has been pink and green
and lovely all over.

Pieces will wing into the 

randomly, in between 
giving myself a pedicure
and lounging in the hammock
with someone else's words making a movie in my head.

Thank you for being here,
for coming by to read
and share a moment of time with me, with us.

Birth something great today, won't you?



Libellula Jewelry said...

Happy Birthday & Anniversary! May the day be increasingly more delightful as the day progresses. :)

Agata said...

Allisunny, I have only discovered your leather craft recently through Etsy Handmade Portraits and I fell in love with it instantly. It is so inspiring. Googling your name brought me to your metal work. And your music. Wow. You carry love and beauty in your heart and transform it to artwork which is so unique. Wonderful. May the day you quit your day job be blessed. May all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday. X

v said...
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pencilfox said...

happy birthday, dear lady.
one more circle 'round the sun.
one more day to feel the love and live it, too.
you are so special.
may your day be so very special, likewise.

Lori ann said...

love your words here, they are a gift to us, along with the beauty you create. happy birthday, and happy anniversary to you love birds. wishing you all the love your hearts can hold.
x lori

v said...

seeing your work and reading your words is ALWAYS a feast for my eye and food for my lori ann says: a gift! thank YOU!

happy birthday and anniversary beautiful,


alicia said...

Iyour words always warm my heart and make me feel proud to be a woman - to fierce feel it alll - to sit with myself - to expose the ebb and flow of the journey.

your emotional authenticity is SO powerful. love to you.

Brandi said...

A most happy birthday to you, happy wishes for the various anniversaries of the day. May they hold in in love, joy and harmony.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday and Anniversary you gorgeous woman! Hope you treat yourself to something special. xoxox Bonddi

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

You are a treasure. I hope your day, and every day, is as precious. xo

ashley said...


Happy late day of birth to you, you sweet bird. What a beautiful group of words. You made me think of my relationship, my love- on a whole other level.
I appreciate you ...and these words... this advice-
gorgeous work.