Friday, October 25, 2013

Notes on This Week: Homecoming Garland Necklace and Blossoms

Homecoming Garland Necklace: Brass and Sterling Hydrangea with chrysoprase, rhodonite, pink opal and jasper.

It would seem a rhythm is presenting itself in my studio life:
dedicate the days to motherhood,
the naps and evenings to hammers and heat
a weekend day to family
and one to sawing and filing and kiln

Outside the studio though it is a hodgepodge of things...
once a week take it down a notch and surrender to tenderness
reaffirm the importance of/ systematically avoid self-care
bake erratically 
teach Orion that avoiding meltdowns is possible
by simply asking for a hug ("Mommy Hug?" he now says and oh the wonder of those words)

commit to open-heartedness in as many situations as I can blossom to
draw blueprints for the future
dreaming bigger and braver than maybe ever before

Answering a question from Orion in the car this week I said, "Everyone's going home, Honey...we're all just going home"
Of course I meant the cottage, people's apartments and houses and condos, but it felt like a deeper truth

Aren't we all just going home?
From the day we are born isn't it all just a gradual and definite homecoming?
What if that's how we thought of death?

Fern Filigree Cuff in Brass

As a sigh of familiarity
and a balm for the polarizing and harsh times we've known here on earth
where we kill each other for shoes
and Gods...

I would say this week's making was touched by those questions
and the tenderness they gifted my hands and my heart
as I worked the metal into reality from ideas.

This week's work was soft and warm and protective 
and achy.
I can't think of a better way to put it...

I had to look back in the blog archives this week to find a design
long past
and I got lost in reading.

Small Blossom Earrings 

After the past few years of stripping down 
it all sounded so...young (forgive me, that sounds silly if you're sixty)
and earnest and hopeful and I loved the past
again with all my present might.

I kept it sweet. I kept it light.
I thought that was the best way to share because it was a successful model.
Bless my heart.

I made a few pairs of little blossom earrings 
because no matter how much life makes us into badasses
we still house the fool on the cliff in our hearts,
the self that saw life stretching before us,
vast and without limits
like they tell you in commencement speeches

Smallest Blossom Earrings 

no advice for caution or closing can touch that place,
and thank goodness.

It is imperative that we dedicate some of our love to her,
to decorate her room
in the energies she gives us secretly

sneaking garlands around our jaded hearts in the middle of the night
making us wonder where that sense of vast potential came from
where yesterday we were world-weary.

It was nice to take an evening and remember those times and that place
closing the laptop and reaching out for a certain grey tabby who wasn't there for the moves
and the making and the dreaming...

to walk by the man-cave and blow a winking kiss to the lover who was there
and lay my exhausted bones down in the same room as the little soul
who was my most secret and crushing dream
for longer than my light and airy fingers would ever confess.
More than my craft.
Bigger than my biggest plans.

All versions of my Self in space and time delight in him 

The beautiful treasures you see above will wind their way into the 




Sierra Keylin said...

A-FREAKIN'-MAZING!!! I mean really...I want to climb inside that brain and see what other beauty is lurking :) I'm in love with this collection...

Allisunny S. said...

Sierra, thank you so much! I've noticed in the last few months a beautiful energy pouring into your work: it is so completely symphonic in your elegant and tribal voice.

prairiegirl said...

Excuse me while I dab my eyes.
This moves me and it makes so much sense!
You make such beautiful, beautiful sense.