Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grounded Flight

Here is what I know with certainty:

The best soul flight is that undertaken when one has roots. 

The best soaring magical travel happens when you've done the hard work of knowing, of learning.
After the digging and planting of the right seeds
the heights reached there on the ground can be the best boost

right up into the sky.

When your wings grow tired and you yearn for rest
that same planted seed 
that now is a tall tree
can be a home to you,
a beacon of bright blooms
and shaded branches.

Want freedom? Want bliss?
Dive your depths, warm to your frostiest peaks
and fear none of it.

Grounded Flight Bracelet in Brass and Sterling Silver.

Fits a size 6-6.25 inch wrist.

In the 



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