Sunday, December 29, 2013

Magic Mushroom Clutch

This is what slow and diligent work looks like;
a deep intentional cut here,
a fully tooled fungi there...
my right wrist has told me very clearly it's tired of being cumulatively overused
so I began cumulatively underusing it this summer
in the hopes it would stave off more stress.

So a dream becomes a patiently crafted reality much later than my rabbit mind wants it to be
but greater things than that are running the show.
Working this way is transformative.
I have hurried so much in my life
and now to be forced to wait on things beyond my control
well, ask me on any specific day and you'll get a very specific answer.

sometimes it is very spiritual.
Sometimes there are a lot of profane words in my response.
The sum of all the chatter is that I am lucky to create
and I am lucky to wait.

In waiting I researched mushrooms and birch
and fell that much more in love with what I was capturing in leather.

In waiting I smithed which is far less tough on the wrist
and got to flesh out some ideas long held.

In waiting I sang and played with my boy
and flirted with his daddy
I painted portraits
and shooed away cats.

Sometimes I think waiting is where the magic is for the soul.

Here she is, a catalogue of my many months since the clutch was dreamed up,
colorful and resplendent with fungi and bark.

Lined with a warm and oaky green
and stitched with saffron.

Each moment in the making a lucky one,
a blessed one.

In the Leather Shop now.



pencilfox said...

those clutches.
some day i'll own one.

prairiegirl said...

You should be very proud of this magic bag and of yourself for giving it and your hands the gentle time of process.
Worth the wait, absolutely.
And like M, so will I.