Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nearing Solstice

Ice Queen Magic Spell Earrings with Fabricated Fallen Oak Leaf, Moonstone Tear and Copper Branch

Solstice draws near...

 I am growing still as the days are shorter.
I am working with all my might
and loving my daily time with Orion.

We've had this weird respite from the more challenging toddler moments...this calm sweetness has descended upon his most squinty devil-in-the-eye moment and I am so happy to watch him think through things.

The efforts of my hands have never felt more special to me than they are now,
more like they've been placed divinely in my head
and crafted with grace.

This is the first year I've embraced winter in earnest,
both in work and in day-to-day choices:
snuggles in blankets reading book after book to my son
whose favorite word is 'again!' once 'the end' has been declared.

My parents came this last week and it was really special to have them here
during a time of so much wonder and some serious heartache:
nothing soothes your soul like a Mommy.

Schmilly and I went to his holiday Christmas party at a fantastic restaurant in San Francisco
and I was struck again and again by how wonderful he is
and touched to hear his coworkers tell me how proud he is of me,
how much he loves Orion.

Simple Bare Branch Sculptural Copper Earrings with Sterling Ear Wires

I have a few lovely things for the Metal Shop
that I will be tending to later tonight,
tucking them in to see where they'll fly

and friends, I am SO utterly pleased to tell you I am mere days away from finishing this mushroom clutch...I feel like I've been painting and tooling it for months
and it's everything I hoped.

How are your holidays preparations going?
Long over?
Just beginning?

We're going to have the quietest little Christmas this year and celebrate after the fact
with Oma and Opa.

Squeeze yourself for me, won't you?



pencilfox said...

look at all that beauty you have created!


Janel said...

That clutch is amazing! If I didn't already have a clutch I adore, I'd add this baby to the collection....she's a beauty though!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Allison!

and give yourself a squeeze right back..... :)

Allisunny S. said...

Fox o' my heart: muah. xoxoxox

Janel - thank you so much !!! I feel hugged :) The happiest of holidays to you!!! xoxoxox

Cat said...

o how I love the ice queens magic...
truly divine

i am going to a solstice circle on Saturday night...a winters song....

many things to celebrate and some things to grieve
but I do look forward...always forward to what may come, because
i know it will be beautiful and amazing

love and light my friend

lighting a candle for our sweet dove at the circle on Saturday.....

Brandi said...

A big Solstice squeeze for you. I will draw your name in the snow and count it with the rest of my blessings.

emmy d said...

Love those branch earrings! I'm planning interiors for when we move, and I can't help but think that design would make a beautiful chandelear!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Enjoy this lovely season...all love and gratitude! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wintery offerings. The moon through the tree branches and oak leaf earrings are divine! Warm Christmas wishes from chilly Washington! xxx