Monday, June 23, 2008

Epic Fail

We were like lovers: in between restocking the 'koi pond' of my shop and taking care of ten million odds and ends I was dreaming up this sweet confection of a sun rising out of a blue leather sea surrounded by sterling, perfectly bezel set and lovely in every way. We danced around for weeks this way.
In my mind it was perfect:
In its actual creation, a nightmare. Nothing worked the way it should. I melted the metal. A cremem Brulee torch, I learned, does not happily solder bezel wire to a large and thick piece of sterling. The end result is Frankensteinian in nature, but strangely enough -- lovely. It looks as though someone with a big heart made it: someone who wished they could pull something out of the clouds and into the earth. Yes there are tremendous mistakes: gaps in the places the bezel should have met the base piece, problems with the bezel wire being waaay too tall and hence bunching and sagging its way around the leather oval it houses.
It's the dream of it that makes it beautiful to me, the courage it takes ( I am constantly awed by all creative types due to this ) to try to make something. The heartache you try so hard not to feel when it comes out as something only a mother could love.
Well this mother loves her wayward creation. It may not sit around my neck as planned, but perhaps it will hang from my rearview mirror: a little Sunny, Rising as it were, over a sterling world.
Pictures tomorrow, my friends.

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