Thursday, June 5, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts: the silence may continue for a few weeks -- last week I deliberately made a bunch of koi and a big bag, thinking certainly that it would take weeks to sell them: they all sold within days/hours -- which leaves my shop lacking in anything newer BECAUSE I am tracking my new album!!!!!!!

This last week has been dedicated to rough tracks, as will next week, and then next Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the following Tuesday I will be in Redlands, CA having the most amazing musicians help me fill in the tasty parts.
I feel so lucky. Dave Tran, Matt Wyckoff, Matthew Coleman, Mr. Mustard ( Chad Villareal ) and Phil Mielke are all adding their unique and skillful musical stamp to my songs. I am bursting with happiness over it all - the result for my shop? Crickets.
I shall not be listing.
I shall likely not be selling all that much as a result. I have made peace with this.
This week and next I am a musician first, leathercrafter second. It's been a while since that has been the balance of things, and I have missed that feeling.

I am thinking in notes and rests, harmonies and hooks.
My native tongue!!!!

A ( or S )

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