Friday, June 27, 2008

Trading UP

Creme Brulee torch, out.
Smith Little Torch Propane/Oxygen tank -- IN!!!
Well, as of Monday. It was not very hard to justify, given my recent assesment of my goals and seeing silver as so much a part of my newer ideas, so I finally had a good excuse: my creme brule torch ceased its lighting, making for all gas, no flame. I sat there, with projects on the brain and remembered a class I had taken where I got to use the Little torch, and it was precise, with a neat and delicious little flame. It heated what I wished it would heat, instead of bathing the whole project inadvertantly.
Yes, this was quite an expense: I made the mistake of opting for three day instead of ground via UPS, and so what was a 520 torch became a 600 dollar torch -- these things we cannot forsee.
What I DO forsee are many happy hours in the workshop, and many happy customers with more choices in front of them.
In this time of ups and downs for my shop ( I had my best week ever in May, but then silence set in, and sales have been good yet incosistent ) it felt rather risky and exciting to invest in something like this.
My sister, a kick-ass hairstylist, has a pair of 400 dollar scissors. We pay, truly, for what we get.

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