Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Collaborations and Connections

I am sitting here munching on almond filled Chocolate (with a capital C!) from a dear new friend (thank you!), enjoying the feeling of deep satisfation that comes after a day of hard work.

Silver has been very patient with me lately: 

leather has taken most of my time with projects nearing completion and the near zeal that takes over in those moments.

First, the belt I am making as a part of a collaboration with my dearest Jillian:

Kelp, sea sponges, coral, sea grass and a luminous pearl are the features on this underwater belt: 
the plants are all reversed and doubled on the other side - each side leaning in towards the pearl that sits at the back center of the belt.

It is going to be so amazing to see the two pieces together when the belt is finished: belt and buckle, once ideas from separate brains now joined in camaraderie
and sisterhood.

It kind of feels like Christmas morning all over again!

Secondly, today has been simply RIVETING!!! (nyuck nyuck nyuck)

Literally, I have been putting hundreds of rivets on my Lovebirds Bag.

I cannot stop.

Every piece is lined in the softest suede, buttery and pale.

I know at this point it will be done by Friday or Monday at the very latest: it is a force of nature, demanding its own completion.

I hope your day was full of rewarding hard work and support all around you.



Jaime said...

Oh I saw the belt buckle that Jillian made for this belt - wow the two will pair so nicely! It looks beautiful Allison!
PS - I ♥ that little birdie!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! The finished piece is going to be AMAZING! I can just see that buckle on there... Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the masterpiece when it has all come together.

Alice Istanbul said...

Oh my GOOOOOODNESS, that belt is gorgeous! And here I was so proud of myself today for merely trimming and dyeing a leather belt blank. Pssh! Your hands are so gifted, Allison. You're a true inspiration.

Corinna said...

Oooooh, I am so excited to see the finished collaboration. Wowzah. It's going to kick serious ass... while being soft and underwater-otherworldly!


studio.delucca said...

I nearly cried a little bit when I saw these leather pieces. simply astonishing... I bet you would rock at complex hand-engraving...

and, what-oh-what is almond filled chocolate???

xo - khobe

MrsLittleJeans said...

Ha ha...cute! I think you are riveting and so is your collaborator! : ) Hugs to you both!


susie said...

Continuing to be awed and inspired by you and Ms. Jillian and your mad skills. Really love the color in that birdy bag (resisting the urge to say it is totally riveting).

emmy d said...

You certainly are keeping yourself busy! Whatever your most recent inspiration has been, it is WORKING for you girl!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Jaime: thank you, Chica!!

Kim: We are too excited!!!

Alice: Speaks the woman with utterly genius hands herself ;)

Corinna: Darling girl!!! It's too thrilling for words :)

Khobe: Ah, little pieces of almonds in the chocolate: but that got me thinking: wouldn't it be delicious with a layer of marzipan in it???????

MLJ: Hugs to you, too, lovely woman!!!

SUsie: it IS totally riveting ;) Thank you, lovely :)

Emmy D: Aw, thank you so much!!!!! :)