Monday, March 22, 2010

The Last Pair

UPDATE: The bag has been claimed: thank you to everyone who wrote to me about it!
I will still, of course, put up pictures of its finished form :)

The last pair of the 'birds in love' big bag series made their way onto a large swath of raw peach leather today: not the last forever (of course not!!), 
but the last until at least May/June....

April will be dedicated to the move and to a few custom orders left from before I announced that I was done doing them for a while.... yes, that's how busy things have been around the studio!!

Here are the Cockatiels in Love, inspired by my girlfriend Natalie's adorable grey, yellow and pink Cockatiel, Sugar:

The back of the bag reads "Devotion" in Olde English script.

Cockatiels do not necessarily mate for life, but the beauty of winged creatures choosing to stay near each other when they could simply fly away is so beautiful:

choosing to love from a place of complete freedom is what devotion means to me.

I am freaking out about the color I chose for the soft portion of the body:

Warm ocean blue. 

The kind of ocean you may just wade into with your clothes still on, just to feel the warm water for the first time, or for the first time in years.

This week is dedicated to this lovely bag and a few choice pieces in the silver shop....
and maybe a clutch.

And then it's on to discovery and refilling the creative well: isn't it ironic that this huuuge burst of inspiration happened in the middle of boxes and chaos?

I like to think I feel most creative when everything is in its place, neat and tidy, steamed and folded, but no:

the Muse unpacks her valise in the middle of dust bunnies and dances (I like to think she taps along with the song "Tea for Two") to the sound of packing tape -
what an interesting visitor!



Brooke Arin Medlin said...

I always find I have the very best ideas when I have the very least amount of access to my studio - when I've had to move studios for some reason, or am on a 12-hour car ride home from someplace. ;)

studio.delucca said...

oh gosh!
oh gosh!
oh gosh!

MrsLittleJeans said...

What a blue...aaahh...and yes, it is strange that this burst of creativity poured out in the midst of packing...hmmmm...should I too go and pack some boxes? Maybe it clears the mind?

XOXO remember to take it easy

Michelle - Revelate said...

Same thing happened to me.. packing up my life and then BAM! all of a sudden I have more then a dozen projects on the go and I can't pull myself away from my workbench.. immediately after the move -not so much- so it was a blessing in the middle of boxes.

Can't wait to see the new works. My eyes (and soul) are always delighted.

mme. bookling said...

love your words.

ate my spinach and goat cheese salad tonight and welled up with tears at your previous email. such support is such a surprise...

with great affection and interest in you,

kerin rose said...

I believe this blue represents the ocean that you shall float your way on to your new lovely abode....and know, with each new beginning, each breath you take, the possibilities are as yet to even be imagined!.....

oxox K

dailycoyote said...

that color is heavenly! I love this series!