Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Be Loved Like That

The other night Anthony and I were talking in bed, me with my head on his chest, his arms around my back...
I remembered thinking, "You have to let a love like this IN..." and so I opened my heart and felt the full weight of what it is to love him fully in one moment:
it was so beautiful and big that it was painful.

Sometimes love so huge makes you want an impossible guarantee:

I want God to give me a contract stating without any stipulations that Anthony and I will live long lives together and when we're 101 on a warm summer night we'll pass away in our sleep simultaneously.

Hand in hand, flying on our way to the Great Adventure above.

I really wish that contract existed somewhere.

I would like similar contracts drawn up for my parents, my sister and her husband and all of my friends... love is a brave endeavor and truly (I believe this with all my soul) the purpose of life itself.

To Love.

That moment with my Beloved Husband inspired the design for an extra-long clutch:

In between the two gorgeous wings will be a white quartz cabochon, set in sterling and stitched into the leather with care.

The back - a soaring heart!

And ooohhhhhhh the lining: you may recall this pattern from a Hawaii blog post where I picked up the fabric from a fabulous vintage shop on our honeymoon...

This design felt like the right time to finally use it, considering how much it makes me think of the man I was with when I purchased it:

my Anthony, my Schmilly....

On April 9th we will celebrate the fourth anniversary of our first date and I am thrilled and honored to say that I love him more than I could ever have imagined- and that I am still IN love with him in a schoolgirl-like way, complete with butterflies in my belly.

his incredible presence has been the most marvelous surprise of my life.


Jaime said...

Such a special love, although I love someone with my whole heart body and soul, somehow it doesn't seem to hold a light - for that I am a wee bit jealous. Perhaps I am scared deep down inside that it could all disappear, maybe it wont last, maybe he doesn't love me with all his heart body and soul.
Your love shines on your face Allison, it shows in your work.


Heather Fawn said...

I am so happy for you Allison!!! From not so good relationship experiences on my end and watching my mom and stepdad argue and keep distant just to keep their cool, it's nice to hear that somewhere out there what is sometimes so hard to believe really, truly exsists. A beautiful post♥

RosyRevolver said...

What Jaime said. Such a touching post, A.

MrsLittleJeans said...

That is a very special love...and that is some fabric...wow!


Good Girls Studio said...

Soo sweet! I see the inspiration behind many of your songs in your love for him! It must have been a painful long time to find him (as is most journeys of the heart!)!

Dave said...

I know he would be baggage but bring him along next time... '-)


Alice Istanbul said...

I know exactly what you mean, from the hugeness of the love, to the contract it needs to come with. You're making me cry a little bit because your beautiful description hits the nail on the head.

Brooke said...

This is amazing, amazing, amazing. It's people like you who make me believe. :) Thank you.

Kat Reaney said...

Such a love is so wonderous and beautiful and impacts us so deeply- to feel so lucky, blessed, and realize that WE DESERVE IT!

I have had similar "full of love" moments with lovers, friends, or simply being in love with my life.

I came to the realization that like plants, these experiences can be annual or perenial, and must be appreciated even if they don't last. Now I can look back on the memories and relive that beauty just a little.

cut2clothe said...

Wow, written with such boldness and passion. Beautiful. Can you create that into a song so that I could dedicate it to my husband? = )