Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh, Yes :)

These Beautiful Babies will be on my feet in 2-3 business days!!!

I am officially done with any kind of tooling or smithing: all that is left to do is the mailing!
Shops close around bedtime tonight
it's time to pack!!!

All of your comments, emails and convos have truly brought home that concept that no matter where I move, I am surrounded by a tribe of women (and Dave!) who make my life so wonderful:
thank you over and over and over again for your 


P.S. While I am packing and such, I will be doing little posts on the photographic merits of the North Bay, and after we move, the wonders of San Jose.

This is good, this is very good.


Anonymous said...

You need to go out somewhere fancy with your Mr. at the earliest opportunity. Beautiful!

Hope the packing and moving all goes smoothly.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Those are seriously fun shoes! And I am sure everyone has told you that loving you is way too easy, right? Look forward to new pix and posts!


kerin rose said...

are you gonna wear em while you pack?

mary said...

I have coveted those shoes since I originally saw them in Burgundy Velvet! Good Luck with the packing and your move to San Jose - I think you will love that area too - from what I know of it living in the 'burgh! I love the color of the Devotion bag - it looks scrumptious. Hopefully we will see you in early Sept when Bob and I come out to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Love to you and Anthony.

CrowNology said...


bonddi said...

Wow, another move but I have a feeling you will nest just fine:) It is a talent, knowing how to nest, and you are the golden eagle of nesting! I am still following your blog and engaging in internet slobber over your pieces. Good luck and good nesting.

Melissa said...

Yummy shoes.

I met another leathercrafter yesterday. She's traveling across the US on horseback. She lives in the bay area as well. Made me think of you ;)

novadesigns said...

Good luck with the move miss Sunny! Sometimes a good cleansing move is exactly what the souls needs!