Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fresh Off the Wheels

Deep Dark Red Plume Agate with Druzy Canyon

Meant to be set by an adventurous smith, this lovely cab will be for sale

later today!

Priday Plume floral extravaganza!

Red Plume Agate with Druzy pockets galore

Coyamito Agate in the sweetest, softest pastel corals and sherbets

Being on the wheels today felt transformative:
I started the day so strangely sad
and clenched but as the rocks you see went from
their rough slabs to the gorgeous finished pieces you see
I melted and softened.

Anthony is very supportive on the weekends:
it's the time when I get to do the things I know are not safe around the baby (like cabbing and soldering) behind a closed door.

He sends me off with a kiss
telling me to go have fun
just as I did yesterday when he went to the Gun Show (I of course told him the gun show was right here at home while flexing my biceps, but still!):

it's the partner's gift of a few hours away.

While he went up north I drove to the farmer's market with the babe in tow and ate wonderful wood-fired-oven pizza.

I am doing my very best to get back out into the world with him because if I don't then the house becomes a place I find myself not wanting to leave at all, so we have tiny adventures.

The days have been so lovely
but evenings are a challenge-
Orion is going through a very gassy phase (it doesn't seem to be true colic as he can be calmed for periods of time) and whimpers and shrieks and suffers.

We hold him close and lie him flat on the bed, rubbing his belly in a clockwise fashion and try different tactics to calm him.

By midnight be sleeps deeply, waking two or three times a night to feed without tears or pain

and in the morning he offers a radiant smile that makes the previous night just simply feel like an exercise in tenderness
that we passed.

This Tuesday is my 6-week postpartum appointment and I am crossing my fingers that I get the go-ahead to start exercising again in earnest:
oh, to sweat!!!!



WillowMetals said...

Those are some gorgeous stones! When Zoë was just a babe I would wake up sometimes with those sad feelings for no reason at all. I suppose it is from all of those crazy hormones trying to get back to normal....(Do they ever get back to normal? hmmmmmm... what is normal??? lol!)

Zoë had colic as a baby and it was a nightmare. I spent the first part of her life a walking zombie from no sleep. It also made me feel so helpless. I remember Fennel tea seemed to help a bit and that was about the only thing that did until it just one day was gone. I read in a natural living magazine about the fennel tea for colic babies. Just a little tip if you think it may help or you'd like to try it.

Many hugs to you!!! You sound like such an amazing mom, just like I knew you would be :) ♥

Tasha Imajin said...

Have you tried Gripe Water? It's special for babies with gas and mamas I know highly recommend it. You can get it at the drug store or specialty food markets, I'm told. (Like Whole Foods)

Can I pass on some encouragement? I complained to my baby's doctor about those night time crying sessions (right around 3 weeks ago) and he assured me that they were on the way out soon. He said we were at the peak of it then and we should see it decrease soon. He was so right! Hang on for a few more weeks and it will magically stop! Now bed time has switched to around 9 pm instead of midnight!

Those stones are gorgeous!