Monday, April 9, 2012


Some days go like this:


 cobble together a respectable 5.5 hours of sleep for the night
eat breakfast with your bestest friend in the world
run to the post office
drop that bestest friend off at the airport
sneak in a wee nap
get ready on time for your doctor's appointment
get the diagnosis you expected: yes, you have thrush in your milk ducts
confirm that yes, Orion is the source
get peed on by the very same baby at his appointment when he is disrobed for the weigh-in (nearly 12 pounds!!!)
watch helplessly as the cherub then soaks his onesie
urine traveling in a liquid arch that reaches the floor
Go into the diaper bag to retrieve the change of clothes your hubby packed for situations such as this only to discover that it is a legless onesie to fit a new born.
Work gently and firmly to fit your big boy's delicious chub rolls into the outgrown garment
Think about a second career in charcuterie, specializing in hand-stuffed sausage...
Note to yourself that the one-shoulder look he is bubbling out of is so Flashdance!
Carry said baby to the pharmacy to get prescriptions with a huge swaddling cloth tied around the front carrier to keep his legs warm
forgo the peeing you need to do in order to justgethomenow(!!)
Breastfeed again in the car as he's in the middle of a fierce growth spurt
Arrive home feeling more accomplished than you ever thought possible
Change a diaper
Drink some tea
Sigh in frazzled contentment.



Violet Cadburry said...

Yes, the joys of least it wasn't number two.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Praise the lord, lady!!! Xoxo

Mari Huertas said...

Reading this in bed before we head to sleep ... I laughed so hard that I cried, clutching my ribs hard, while Dres grinned at my left side. Oh, amen, lady. Amen, indeed.

thewindhover said...

Oh yes yes yes! Some days do look like this! You're doing it all wonderfully though. And I totally hear you about baby wees; little boys :) and the yucky thrush... just gone through a 4-weeek treatment and praying its all cleared up. Felt like knives stabbing into my breasts for a while there before we worked it out.

dina said...

where some would just leave this at frazzled, i love how you find contentment here, too...ah, mama!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I adore your sweet self - laugh on, darling - I wish you could have seen him!!:)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I will hold out hope that both pairs of mama and boy are feeling better with no more candida on the horizon!! Sending you warm thoughts!! Xo

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh dear Dina, it's all in his little face - I cannot help but feel something good when I look at him - he blesses my day!! Xoxo

jordan said...

HA! oh, yeah. i've been there, more than once! I had an impromptu bed clothes change last evening as steve was getting ready to leave for work because i had changed E's diaper and was letting him run around in the state i like to call 'nudey butt' and he climbed on our bed and proudly peed all over the area i normally rest my head. awesome ;). And here's hoping the thrush leaves you alone - it's no fun, we had a mild caes of it when ev was a little older, and he required 2 rounds of nystatin but fortunately i wasn't much affected. Loving reading all the posts involving wee O - i'm always so excited for you, every time!

Katherine Willis Pershey said...

Oh, for some reason this made me weepy. How much do I want to be having tea time with you!

mairedodd said...

aaaaaaaaah -
and so it goes...
congratulations, mama - you are doing great!
and btw - you are still doing great even if a day like this leaves you in a puddle of tears...
but i am glad you were able to smile and gethomenow to tea...
p.s. i still use the slow cooker - and if someone has a great book or recipes - might you share them far and near?

i said...

I don't have kids, but your posts move me so deeply, Allison. This one is so heart-warming. It is so funny, yet I can feel how frustrating and frazzling such an experience could be! I love your attitude, and, yes, a sweet little boy like yours certainly makes all this easier to take. Thank you for sharing so candidly. Much love to you, Orion and your hubby!