Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Progress...

A series, joyous and buoyant

featuring two plants on every earring;
flora from my adventures near and far

from back yard to Big Island and back

I am calling them double happiness -

they will be paired with a pop of color and some length...
I am excited to share the bunch in a few days!

Dinner is in the slow cooker
(point me to your best slow-cooking recipes or cookbook, will you? I think this piece of kitchenware will be my very favorite companion in the coming months!)

Orion and I are off to visit a good book under
lamplight on this rainy day...



Carol said...

Every time I look at your jewelry I wonder how you get the image of the leaves on the metal without crushing the leaves to pulp?

Regarding your Crock Pot question. There is a lady who has a blog. It's called A Year of Slow Cooking. The year is over and then she wrote a book about it.
She is still posting crock pot recipes every day or several times a week.
I love her method. She takes a lot of photos and in the first photo she shows you all the ingredients. Then she shows how she assembles the recipe. At the end she gives The Verdict. She has a family with children and a husband. So she tells us what they thought of the recipe.
Here is the link:
The lady is Stephanie O'Dea
I bought her book for myself and my grown kids. The recipes are good. I was a little disappointed that the book doesn't have photos like the blog did. But one can still go to the blog and search the archives.
Congratulations on your baby. He is so precious. I have followed your blog for a long time (it comes to my email) and I am so happy for you.
Take care, get some sleep

Cat said...

that face!!!
that face!!!!
beautiful beautiful...

the earrings

you are amazing!

love and light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you so much Carol!! What a wonderful resource that blog will be :) thank you for reading and for your advice xoxo a

Sybil Ann said...

Oh baby: Country ribs, a beer - to cover, fruit of your choice (LOVE dried apricots), salt, pepper, garlic cloves (I use one or two per person and cook for an army), and after a nice long slow stewing, drain them and sprinkle with dried chipotle, paprika and/or chili powder and a smidge of toasted sesame oil but EVOO will do and put them in a very hot oven to crisp any fat not completely rendered. Serve with a couple of nuked sweet taters with butter and chopped pecans and dried cranberries and a mixed green salad with a simple dressing or lemon juice. Done.

You can replicate this in a more elegant fashion with a pork roast, slitting it to insert garlic cloves, lots of black pepper and champagne.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Squeezing you, beautiful woman!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh woman you speak my language - can you come over and cook with me?! ;) darn this distance!

Sybil Ann said...

When you are mobile again and L'Etoile is old enough to appreciate theme parks... ;)