Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Work of Others: Laurie Brown

I feel so blessed and lucky to have in my acquaintance a number of vastly talented ladies and gentlemen:
a veritable community of good-hearted artists.

I had heard of Laurie Brown and seen her soulful, unique and untouchable work with casting via Flickr
and Etsy
but I fell in love with her heart when she cast the claw of a dear girlfriend's recently departed four-legged companion.

Laurie's work is deeply connected to the living and the dead
particularly those of the sea and sky
and I would go so far as to say she is a faithful steward of both, especially winged creatures.

She came down to see Orion last week
and when she departed there was a piece of her left behind;
a ring whose beauty arrests me every time I glance at my hand.

Just when I think all of its secrets are revealed, the light catches another lacy delicate detail and my breath catches in delight!

My favorite part of the weeknight evening comes after Anthony's arrival:
we eat together, sharing our daily doings
and then I take my second shower, (as night can be its own day!)
easing into something soft and comfortable.

In those moments of lamplit freshness I slip this stunning ring on my finger
and meditate:
it feels like a link to something divine, something beautiful and true.

Snippets of her observations and pieces are



Sybil Ann said...

Oh fine. I will never save any money. ;)

Love to you and the fam!!

Sybil Ann said...

...AND I have seen her work before and "favorited" it!

I recognize the bird claw ring. Lovely lovely stuff...

MrsLittleJeans said...

I love her too...usually peek into her sold section...thank you for reminding us of her xx

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Sybil - ah, the world is full of beautiful things!! :) Love right back to you, my friend.

Mona - you're so welcome!!! Kisses to you and the kitty boys!!

Brooke said...

I love how you second shower. I've been checking in with your blog as you post each new one and although I don't often comment, I'm soaking in where I'll be in about 2 months! :) I'm enjoying reading your thoughts in the meantime. xo

Lorena, sometimes ... said...

oh dear sweet Allison!
this post was the best birthday gift i received today!!!

you've taken such beautiful photos i hardly recognize her myself . . . and as i said before, she is just where she belongs

it means so much that we get to not only share our work, but our actual lives! i am just so grateful that you are in mine!