Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Proof Rings

I had a reader inquire some weeks ago about smaller rings - did I ever make any?
I wrote to her letting her know that as I have been taking care of a small baby, I too needed smaller rings!

It's just simply not practical to have a gorgeous big cocktail ring on while changing diapers and looking after a human bobblehead.

So here is a batch of beauties in a more delicate size -
allow me to introduce you!

Chrysoprase with 14k gold accent in size 5.75

Mookaite in gorgeous pink, purple and cream with textured bezel, size 6.75


Imperial jasper with amber agate top, size 9


Tricolor Natural Fluorite in size 5

Even if you're not tending to a tender babe,
it's nice to have some simplicity of finger adornment every now and then.

In a few days I'll have some big beauties to show you, too!

After that all will be quiet whilst I entertain a beloved long leggy dame
and meet a longtime girlfriend from the other side of the country.

The month of October may be just reserved for custom orders.

I am thinking of offering two big bag custom orders,
a clutch
two 'open' reserves for the leather shop
two enamel painted memory necklaces 
and a few 'open' reserves in the metal shop.
I get ahead of myself.

For now, if you wish to inquire after baby proof series,

write to me



Sierra Keylin said...

Lovely collection of finger adornments! That chrysoprase is such a beautiful color, and don't even get me started on the jasper with agate!!!!! Beautiful work, as always :) Aloha!

genie marie said...

Amazing! I am very, very jealous that you and Jess will be in the same space! Having a fabulous time together! xoxo