Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goldfish Necklaces, for Moving Forward.

I am a creature of the past, it's true.
Are you?

I mull, I turn I process 
and eventually

something comes that propels me back to the ever-present moment in which we live

despite rich memories and myths
there is nothing else but the now

it has always been so.

As Orion and I journey into a more confident and balanced phase of mothering
I wondered what creature I could
craft that would represent

and the first mental image was the fins and tails
and gills and shimmer
of goldfish.

Things that -ethereal as they are- represent a perfect natural machine.

Out of the stagnant
and loaded past

into this moment with clarity and grace.

Ah, grace...

the one thing that we could never get too much of.

These pieces are made with the intention and prayer
of motion
and a release of anything heavy.

Enamel graphite and watercolor on copper
layer after layer of color
and wish
strung on sterling silver oxidized chain
with little bubbles as anchors.




Caitlin said...

Love the movement in the tail- they look so real!

Gemheaven said...

As always your work blows me away!!! ♥

Cat said...

absolutely beautiful
a gorgeous reflection of where you are


love and light