Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Beauty and Back-ness...

Green Floral Plumes in the darkest brown agate,
a slab I could not resist making my own...



Diaper bag I made for myself

Big enough to be a weekender...
thinking of making one for the Leather Shop...

Beautiful stones from a sweet tiny shop in Stillwater, MN...


Our trip was transformative and important.
Orion got to spend a lot of time with two doting grandparents, an Auntie who loves him so much and an Uncle he charmed.
There were friends that came to visit, trips out of the city and 60 miles logged on a bike around the Grand Rounds and River trails.
Baby Boy turned 6 months (more on that later)
Bickering and forgiveness peppered the time in just the right amounts
Orion proved to be like a Goodwill Ambassador representing little souls under the age of one year, showing the general populace that they can be pretty rad.

swore a lot
ate well
reached my monthly goal weight loss in spite of dulce de leche cheesecake and enchiladas that merited seconds
decided that we have to move to Minneapolis 
went shopping at Nordstrom Rack and came out a winner (!!)
missed Schmilly in a gratifying way
started O on fruits and veggies
Spent time with Jeremy and Sabin, thank goodness
stayed in pjs until noon more days than not
had a night out at the Dakota with my Poppy
gathered little bits of my fragmented-ness to bring home whole
smelled the summer drying out Midwest-style.

It was awesome.

I am opening the shops again:
feel free to 




mairedodd said...

how excellent! so glad to hear you had such a well rounded healing trip...
you have the nicest diaper bag i have ever seen! you must be the envy of all mamas - as baby o gets older, and matchbox cars become one of your staples to carry around, that bag will also be a part of your exercise regime! i couldn't understand why my bag weighed so much at one point, until i dumped it out and found a virtual fleet of cars! but it keeps them happy... and happy them makes for happy you -
happy 6 months, fruits and veggies - baby boy -
and welcome back to you!

bonddi said...

Oh, you have made my day! Been peeking in and hoping you would reappear. So happy that you had a wonderful time and your diaper bag is simply beautiful. Wish I had one like that 20 years ago. My oldest is 20 today and your words brought back the thrill of fruits and vegetables being picked up by those small little chubby fingers, so delicately, and the toothless smile after successfully landing in the mouth.

Jen Knight said...
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Jen Knight said...

You didn't have the option to comment on your most recent post about Orion (Sept. 9, "The Only Thing.") But I needed to let you know how much that post helped me.

I'm sitting up at 2 in the morning attempting to get my 3 week old son to stop falling asleep in my arms and eat his dang bottle so he'll have a full tummy and sleep in his crib for longer than an hour. I got caught up in the exhaustion and frustration of it and just wanted to cry. I desperately needed a distraction, so I wandered on over here to get my fix of metal and leather crafting. But instead of a new post about your newest art, I found the post about Orion.

Sunny, thank you. Thank you for reminding me of the little miracle my son is, and of how grateful I am to be sitting up in the wee hours of the morning trying to get him to finish the bottle he was crying for 30 minutes prior. Truly, his existence is the most amazing miracle I have ever experienced. Just the fact that he's here after two miscarriages, pre-eclampsia, 16 hours of labor of which 8 were unproductive, c-section, and the cord wrapped twice around his neck is mind-blowing.

I cannot express to you the depth of my gratitude for your post. The bone deep exhaustion I had been feeling is gone. I am re-energized and reminded. Thank you.

Allisunny S. said...

Jen, thank you so much for this; hold on and hang in there... It gets so much easier :) the fact that you took the time to write this here means a lot more to me than I can express.