Friday, September 21, 2012

Outrageous Cocktail Dames

These ladies are so beautiful, their personalities so effervescent and unique that I am tempted to name them:
if I did that I'd have a bear of a time parting, and they are meant to have a place out there in the world
with a woman of equal sparkle and sass.

Let me introduce the three dames for three digits!

This Graveyard Point Plume Agate was cabbed by me.
True story: I never did like this type of rock much when I'd see a full slab of it in others' collections. It seemed like everyone had a slab or two of Graveyard Point that they were more than happy to part with.

On that trip to take the enameling class that changed my life
we stopped at that weird and dilapidated rock shop on the 101 (literally you can lay tire pulling off to get there!)
and for the first time I was intrigued by the stuff, by the Graveyard Point
so I bought a slab and I cabbed this stone myself.

High polish
deep sunny plumes
and a drusy pocket with a white plume poking through the surface...

I am hooked. This rock is magic and it has singlehandedly changed the tune I hum about its brethren.

Can you blame me?
Surrounded by luminous spheres of sterling this big beautiful sunny hussy
is a size 10.


Horse Canyon agate from the Tehachapi Pass in California's Central Valley.
Heaven help my heart.
This is the gentle sister of the bunch.

Size 6.5

Touched by an angel...
 this is one of the most dramatic stones I've ever had the pleasure of setting.


Lastly, the piece de resistance, the baddest bitch of the bunch:
Priday Plume and Moss agate in a bouquet formation.
You are seeing correctly - those 'flowers' are pink and peach.
Pink and peach buried under the earth for millions of years.

I love rocks. I love how nerdy and sexy and undeniable they are, how much each one has a power that you have to hold to feel it, though they do sing a mighty siren song from afar.
This particular one is a prime example of why Priday is synonymous with beauty in the lapidary world


I cabbed this one, too.

The setting is full of piercing and sweetly placed spheres
in a pattern that looks like nerves and water all at once.

This one is a hair under size 8.

All three are available for reserve

and what does not get nabbed from the blog
will be available this coming week, along with the unclaimed babyproof rings.

Have a beautiful weekend my dear readers!



DJ said...

Wow! That priday plume is AMAZING! Beautiful work :)

kerin rose said...

beautiful stones, mama bird! xox

MJ said...

Pure gorgeousness...I am in awe, truly...and they are all spoken for yes? Keep up the beautiful work lovely lady!!

Kelly Z.. said...

speechless...(for the first time in a long time)...that's all i got.

Shelby Foxwell said...

All gorgeous! Such beautiful stones, they are to die for!!

Cat said...

those are outrageous!!!
Outrageously Beautiful that is♥

a reflection of your changing spirit

love and light