Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finishing Project Day 4

Loving his little shadow on the porch wall
I took the camera out this evening
to capture the ears
and eyelashes of my babe

Midway through a series of photos
I went to kiss his cheek

and instead he grabbed my face in both his outrageously chubby hands
squeezing like I was the last lemon on earth
I got a sip of chilly nose
and prayed that my hair stay on my head
as he pulled mighty and tight
gurgling with joy at his catch

There are not enough words for this feeling.

He shines through the bleak
of the season's change, of its sadness, its slanting light
and saves my soul
like a tiny

reminding me of a Christmas Carol about a torch that lilts,
"Ah, ah... beautiful is the mother ah ah, beautiful is the child"