Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Color, Phase II

Sometimes I think the babe is working in tandem with my design and building day-by-day:
his naps always allow me to finish just the thing I needed
and no more.

To share with you the glorious color using just one antique alone
and a resist,
carefully working a damp sponge across the leather as if it were a brush.

Antiques create a look that is burnished and vintage if you will it so
or solid color with a definite warmth.
My favorite is saddletan

Sometimes when I am 'painting' like this I forget to breathe.
Because every hide accepts color differently I have to constantly redirect the ship
and work with the unique palette that piece of leather has dictated.

This particular piece of leather had a golden and marvelous tone
and the work was so rewarding and unfolded with such grace that I had to stop myself from singing so as not to wake my son.

There - he calls now - just as I finish writing this...
of course.



Lindsey said...

Beautiful! :)

Cat said...


love and light

Anonymous said...

Todos tus trabajos me parecen preciosos, las joyas muy originales y tus trabajos en cuero son una maravilla. Es por lo que visito tu blog de vez en cuando. Enhorabuena.