Friday, November 30, 2012

Protector Series #3: Mama Polar Bear

Mama Polar Bear does not fuck around.

If any threat in proximity or aggression is perceived by this powerful animal
she will end her foe
with great speed and efficiency,
leaving the remains to steam blood red in the arctic cold.

Before Orion I thought of animals protecting their young with a distant coolness:
now I feel a strong sense of kindred maternal respect.

I would protect my son until the last breath left my body
and then I would haunt this earth until
he was safe.

When I was dreaming up a design for a female protector
the polar bear came to mind effortlessly
as supremely badass and hugely powerful.

After the enamel was fired a perfect pure white
I kept my brush strokes tiny, diluting the watercolors to show her plush and deep pelt
in its fullness and warmth.
I wanted her well-fed, prepared to protect your heart.

The large and small faceted amazonite chunks are ice floes hand strung on sterling silver wire with meditative care.

With climate change afoot, the polar bear is losing its natural habitat.
A percentage of the sale of this necklace will go to Polar Bears International,
an organization that addresses and takes action to effect positive change for the magnificent beasts.

She will keep watch over your heart
like the mother she is.



Xumi said...


lynn bowes said...

Again I tell you - your rendering abilities are peerless.

So delicate :: lynn

mairedodd said...

a beauty, a -
and yet so very soft -
like mamas...