Saturday, November 3, 2012


September was a tough month this year:
it would seem that it was for many people I know, too
and while there are a bevy of reasons why this may be so
I felt compelled to find change
from within.

I spent the better part of October recalibrating my thinking process,
looking objectively at my grumbling and newfound love of complaining
introducing a bold and refreshing new concept
into the everyday:
"In this moment, I can choose peace."

so I have been
and let me tell you 
how good it is!!

In this moment I can choose peace!
Doing the dishes
reading a politically charged article
speaking with an unhappy soul
cleaning green muck off of a white shirt from when the babe did an impromptu practice of the letter 'b' with a mouthful of peas...

It doesn't negate the horrors or the sorrows of this world
but it does offer movement for that feeling of stuck-ness that I think we all experience
at varying degrees of frequency.

I still forget
still indulge the grump in me (it can be delicious for a few minutes!)
still get confronted with situations where I forget that I have a choice at all

but when the option dawns
so sweet and oasis-green in the midst of a dry mouth
and tired head....

oh, the bliss
the relief


I hope you'll try it too:
it is a transformative habit!



Naomi Mimi said...

peace in the moment plants seeds of
unforeseen happiness that tend to sprout
at the most surprising times
bringing smiles and heartsqueals and deep sighs of release.

hospital work has taught me this too.

when the difficult patient hits the call light for the 6th time in an hour,
i take a deep breath, pause, find that spring green river of tranquility,
and step into the room to say, "hi friend, how can i help?"

xoxoxo love you

Cat said...

inspiring as always Sunny!!!
you are such a breathe of honest, fresh air

love and light

pencilfox said...

we're on the same page: i've been reading a pema chodron book on the subject of peace....

Allisunny S. said...

Mimi, your heart is a wonder. Love you! Xo

Allisunny S. said...

Cat, I adore you . Xoxo a

Allisunny S. said...

Marie, she is a marvel and so on, friend!!! Xo