Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Gorgeous winning persimmons from Ro 

spectacular ring from Kerdan (more on her work later - it is just sublime!)

Janey, rumpled and sleepy

A peek between layers for some fern earrings: the copper under the enamel has been roll printed with real ferns: it is their outlines I am tracing.

Volcanos in progress

layering and color so delicious I get hungry just looking at them...

feel free to 

with any questions.

What is good in your world today, friends?



Sierra Keylin said...

I love seeing the process shots...and those colors! I recently found Kerdan...Currently squirreling away pennies for one of those fabulous rings. The detail on them is amazing, those must take forever to make, labor of love I'm sure :)

Allisunny S. said...

Sierra, don't hesitate to purchase one of Shearin's creations - she is as lovely as her work!! It is really even prettier and more badass in person!!

Amy Nicole said...

Your enamel colors are so lucious! I discovered Kerdan recently too. I love her owls! The ring is fabulous...

Cat said...

break through, release, unraveling
these things are what is wonderful in my world today friend

love your work...LOVE that ring
love you

love and light