Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discarded Heart

If I could go back I'd thank you,
standing there with a snotty nose and my pride somewhere knocked down south.
I'd thank you for leaving, for revealing my weak spots to sad ears
and I'd really and truly wish you well.

Like really really.

As it was I cursed your name and decided that I'd dedicate the coming months to moping and storytelling
because that is what you do when you are young,
before the businesses and babies
before the weight of years piles up like bricks.

When you are young there is time to revel in mud for mud's sake

but the universe had other plans for me
including but not limited to:
being lifted
synchronicity abundant and outrageous

I look back on that leg of the journey with a sense of awe:
I thought I'd lost my whole world
but instead your absence left a golden key
to the skies.

And that space to the left of my shitty mold-cold apartment where you tossed my bleeding heart?
A tree grows there now with leaves as big as love
born of hard work and 
unshackled thought.

This Discarded Heart necklace
and a Volcano Vessel in the prettiest greens with a shining labradorite center
will be in the 

in just

a little while.

With love,


Lizzie Derksen said...

I have one of those discarded hearts as well.

Allisunny S. said...

Lizzie, it's such a good thing to have :) xoxo

Lizzie Derksen said...

Yes, I think it is.

mairedodd said...

how can one know loving-kindness, true compassion and gratitude without a shattered heart and visits to the darkest places?
your light shines so bright, i gotta wear shades!

Cat said...


looking back is such a gift...to see the road we have traveled and to feel proud
what a gift

love and light

RosyRevolver said...

Oh, how I needed this. I love you, Sun.