Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Stuff of Stars, A Volcano Vessel for Space amidst Form.

We are the stuff of stardust, you and I: the very same things that make our favorite constellations
are in our atoms.

This design is built to be a balm for holiday season madness - overwork,
too much stimulation, food, things...

where is the space in the overfull?

If you take fifteen minutes after everyone is asleep in their beds
to just observe your breath and the stillness of the night
the pause between the swish of cars passing
curls of steam from the filled tea cup

you'll find it

and if in that space you begin to
contemplate the magnitude of the universe
and the miracle of the very next inhalation

you can tuck that wonder in your pocket
for the next moment of overwhelm

and breathe in the peace
amidst the rush.


The coloration of this volcano cone is that of a clear winter sky just past sunset, where the horizon maintains a cobalt glow
that fades up into the dark
peppered with stars.

In the center, a sweet cut of prehnite is the moon
and a dot of warm carnelian fire anchors the feather

Find her



thewindhover said...

Ohhhhhh, ahhhh, she's so beautiful... I wonder if I can convince my love to give this to me for christmas!

mairedodd said...

yes, yes, yes -
'we are star stuff' said carl sagan... you may not believe this, but i was ruminating on just this concept at the bench today - was thinking about einstein and how he made the connection between quantum and cosmic...
love the piece, love your thoughts -
and, naturally, you!

Sybil Ann said...

"We are all of us in the gutters, some of us are looking at the stars..."

Sunny - make me one with an amethyst in the sky and a labradorite on the feather! And another... and another... these just get better and better.

Cat said...

and to think that I wasn't going to come here for a visit !!!!!!!
wow Sunny
truly inspiring♥

love and light